In YYC? The Time to Buy Your Air Conditioner is NOW!

Time to think about air conditioning… already?!


18268272_SIt’s not news that this has been a wacky winter by Calgary standards, and not wacky by our usual definition — not flash-blizzards; temperatures-all-over-the-map; praying-for-a-chinook wacky. Quite the opposite; it’s been incredibly warm!


Because of this, we anticipate that our customers will be starting up their air conditioners early this year, and people without existing A/C units will be looking to install earlier than usual. If you fall into either of these camps, this is actually good news, because if you take action early enough, you can save big by taking advantage of last year’s pricing as well as our own deals on top of that.


New Air Conditioner Installations


No air conditioner yet? Now is a great time to think about installing one in anticipation of early summer temperatures (we can hope!). Install now and you’ll get 2015 pricing; once we order our new models for the year the pricing will go up to reflect our costs. By thinking ahead, you can save at a time when we could all stand to save a few dollars.


Even better, we’re offering a free charge on any new installation, so you can forget about that cost as well! If you give us a call we’ll happy to let you know the details on these current promotions.


Save on Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance


Don’t feel left out of the savings. Current A/C unit owners will get 10% of their yearly maintenance call if they book before April 15, 2016.


Why is regular maintenance important? By staying on top of small problems that might crop up over time, we can keep a small issue from becoming a big (expensive) one. The louvres (the aluminum “fins” on the outside condensing unit) may have become blocked with dirt and debris over the past year, which will decrease the efficiency of the unit. This means it is both drawing far more than it should (costing you upfront) and also overworking itself, which will shorten the life of the unit.


Another problem that can arise is a small leak of the refrigerant out of the copper wire, meaning that your refrigerant is dissipating over time. This can be easy to miss as it happens slowly, and might only happen when there is direct sunlight on the line for a period of time. However, over the course of a few years, it can lead to refrigerant depletion. This is something we check in our annual maintenance calls!


The last item we’ll check is the electrical connections, which are important to maintain for obvious reasons.


Keep your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently; call us today to find out more about air conditioner maintenance and our annual maintenance promotion!

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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