Winter Prep for Your Snowmelt Driveway & Heated Garage

Snowman in yard

Winter is upon us, but you know it will be a little easier and more comfortable for you if you have a heated driveway and garage. Take that, winter!

But first, let’s make sure your heating systems are ready for the task at hand.

Winter Maintenance for Your Heated Driveway

There are a few things you can check yourself even before we come to check on your system for annual maintenance. The main objective here is to ensure that your pipes are not going to freeze at any point, so the first thing you should do is check the liquid glycol level in the axiom tank. You’ll find this in the boiler room. The axiom tank sits on the floor, has a green top, and is connected to the boiler.

If your glycol level goes too low, the system pressure will drop and your pump can dry up, which can allow the system to freeze — not a problem you want to deal with in the dead of winter! We will also check the glycol level when we come out for maintenance.

Top up the axiom tank with a glycol & water mix if it’s getting anywhere near the minimum level. If you got your glycol from us it will be pre-mixed.

You can also have a look to see that the controller is working by simply checking that the lights are on, and check the sensor outside (the little disc that sits flush with the concrete on the driveway) to make sure it’s not scratched.

When we come to check the system, we will take it for a test run to ensure that all pumps and controls are running smoothly and also check the glycol and the disc sensor.

Winter Maintenance for Your Heated Garage

These simple heater systems don’t need much maintenance, but you can ensure that yours is performing at its top capacity by checking that the fan blades aren’t dirty, and cleaning them if they are. Please turn off the power to the heater before checking the blades.

We can also come out to check the gas pressure, electronics and fan as well as test for carbon monoxide levels.

If you’re considering installing a heater in your garage, know that installation is quite simple and the heaters, which used to be fairly loud, are now very quiet. We will do a heat loss determination on your garage and determine the best location for the heater, install it and run the venting outside.

If you currently have a heated driveway or garage, rest assured that your winter, no matter how long and cold it is this year, will be that much warmer. If you are considering either, give us a call! We can give you the full rundown on what installation entails.