Winter Plumbing Preparation

Winter Plumbing & Heating PreparationPreparing your Plumbing and Heating for the Calgary Winter

In Calgary, winter can come rolling in like a freight train or sneaking in like a cat. You never know which way it’s going to go, so it’s best to be ready in advance. In terms of plumbing and gas in your home, here are a few things to start thinking about.

When it gets cold outside…

Once you get started, basic home winter prep won’t take you that long, and it may save you a lot of headaches – and money – down the road. So pull on those boots and let’s head outside.

  • Look around for leaks. Remember, water expands when it freezes and ice can turn little leaks into big ones – big expensive ones. Now is the time to take care of those little problems before they turn into something much worse. Really. Right now. Call us.
  • Don’t forget your outside taps. Make sure the water is shut off and those lines are purged. Wrap up any hoses and put them away – don’t leave them attached to your tap as any leftover water can freeze and cause damage. 
  • Irrigation lines. Unless you have the know-how – and an air compressor – you’ll need to have this done by a professional. Not sure who to trust? We can help. Just give us a call.

Keeping you safe inside

Smoke DetectorAs the mercury drops, we retreat to our cozy chairs and cheerful fireplaces. It’s practically patriotic! But in order to keep you and your family safe and warm this winter, you need to take care of a few things.

It’s critically important to check those smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (CO). Please take the time to ensure that older relatives have properly functioning smoke and CO detectors and can hear the alarm if it sounds. Carbon monoxide can enter your home through space heaters, poorly-functioning or dirty furnaces/chimneys and fireplaces and gas-fired appliances – more on those in a minute. In order to get the earliest alert to this silent killer’s presence, make sure your detectors are in a good location – ideally, in proximity to the most-likely point of entrance.

Gas-fired appliances and your furnace

In order to avoid the nightmare of a CO incident, you need to make sure that these important fixtures in your home are functioning at their best. Our technicians are trained professionals and can do an inspection for you to highlight any routine maintenance needs or potential issues. Some things for your to-do list:

  • Clean or replace filters in furnaces and humidifiers. 
  • Keep your furnace space clear and check and clean all exterior vents to prevent a build-up of dangerous gases in your home. 
  • Consider having your ducts cleaned if you’ve been through a renovation – or you can’t remember the last time it was done.

Do you need some more information or some help with your winter prep? Our Calgary Plumbing and Heating Experts can help you, Get in touch with us, and we’ll be pleased to provide you with whatever you need. Canadians spend about 90 percent of their time indoors so doing the maintenance will help you breathe easier.

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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