Winter Getaway Preparations

Have a furnace emergency?Going away this winter? Yay you! Hope it’s somewhere warm and beach-y. But while you’re away, what do you need to do before you leave to make sure you’re not coming home to a nasty surprise?

There are a couple of things homeowners need to put on their pre-flight checklist to make sure all is well while you’re away. From the perspective of your neighbourhood plumber, here are some of our top tips.

Turn the water off.

It’s a bit of no-brainer but it’s amazing how this simple initial step can save you thousands of dollars if you’re unfortunate enough to develop a leak while the house is empty. If the main water supply to the  house is shut off, the only water that will drip is the water already in the line. After that, the drip stops and hopefully you’ve just got a small mess to tidy up. Keep the water supply on and the water will continue to drip – or spray, or gush – while you’re away leading to a lot more damage and bigger bills. Don’t know where the water line is? Chances are it’s in your basement in the same area a your water heater. Need help? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

Turn down that water heater.

No one’s there to take the hot showers after all – you’re taking the 15 year-old shower marathoner with you. Turn down the temp and save on hydro.

Keep your house temperature at 17C.

It may be tempting to roll the thermostat back even further but trust us, in Calgary, 17C is usually about right. Much lower than that and not only will you be burning dollars when the house has to heat up once you return – along with everything in it – but should Calgary have a cold snap (remember January 3? -30C. Just sayin’), your pipes will be protected from the windchill. No, windchill doesn’t jut affect us, it can drive freezing temperatures well inside your home’s walls. Keep the temperature reasonable and you’ll be avoiding this particular peril.

Check your obligations with your insurance company.

Many companies have conditions in their contracts. While you’re away, you may be obligated to have the inside of your home physically checked every 24 hours. Make sure you know your policy. No one wants to find out they’re not covered after the crisis hits. Make sure you’re in touch and up-to-date.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a much more relaxing holiday. And if trouble does strike while you’re away, you can count on the professionals at Instant Plumbing to help see you through.

Bon voyage!

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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