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Water Testing Calgary

Water Testing Calgary covers water test for such purpose as Real Estate, Mortgage, Livestock and more.

We Provide Well Water Testing for:

  • Real estate and mortgage purposes.
  • Chemical contaminants that require special tests, such as pesticides and heavy metals.
  • Water sources for livestock.
  • Non-health related reasons.

If you’re testing water that will be used for human consumption, contact your Regional Health Authority for information on sample collecting and drop-off locations. The Alberta Government recommends an annual bacteria test and a chemical analysis every 3 to 5 years.

For all your other well water testing needs, give Instant Plumbing a call. We proudly serve Calgary and its surrounding areas and can have a service van available usually within an hour.

Prevention is key, monitor your well water

As an acreage owner, getting your well water tested and treated is your responsibility. Well contamination can have serious repercussions, for you and the environment. And it can happen for a number of reasons – the Alberta Government has an extensive list of possible causes on their Agriculture and Forestry website.

Hopefully, if contamination does happen, there will be obvious signs. Like a bad smell or visual clues. But you can’t take that chance. For this reason, you should keep detailed records on the condition of your well and schedule regular testing.

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Homeowners have a lot of responsibilities, but few are as important as ensuring healthy drinking water. Consult with your local health unit if you have any concerns. And if you need water testing done for non-health related reasons, our plumbing and heating experts are just a phone call away.

Water Testing Consultation