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Should I get a Water Softener?

If you’ve been considering installing a water softener, here’s some useful information to consider.

Anyone who lives in Calgary knows we have very hard water here — you can feel it on your skin and the roughness of just-washed clothes, taste it in your coffee, and see it on the glass of your shower stall and around the openings of your faucet.

The hardness of a municipality’s water is determined by the levels of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it. The City of Calgary explains this in more detail and offers measurements of how hard the water in Calgary is.


Why should you invest in a water softener?

Our customers list the softness of their skin as one of the key motivations for getting a water softener. While hard water leaves your skin dry and scaly, soft water leaves it feeling soothed and softened. Not only that, but you use less soap and shampoo as well, because soft water lends itself to a richer, easier lather.

Similarly, you’ll need less detergent to wash your clothes, and they’ll stay softer, and wear out more slowly.

Cleaning is easier as well, without the scaling on shower stalls and faucets.

  • Hard water isn’t great for the skin and can cause dryness.
  • Hard water is also tough on clothes, so they wear out faster.
  • Hard water leaves scaling on shower stalls and faucets, which is tough to clean.
  • Buildup due to hard water can impact the efficiency and longevity of your appliances.
  • Your pets can experience health issues due to the excess calcium found in hard water.
  • Soft water promotes a rich lather, so you can use less shampoo, soap and detergent.

Why we recommend Water Softeners in Calgary

Water hardness is determined by the presence of high concentrations of calcium and magnesium in your drinking water.

Calgary’s water is classified as hard and mineral levels can vary depending on the season and your location in the city. Not only does the calcium and magnesium give your water a particular taste, it can impact you in a number of ways. For example:

  • You need to use more soap in order to generate a good lather for washing.
  • You find your skin feels itchy and dry after a shower, rather than soft and refreshed.
  • You see buildup of calcium on your faucets and in your appliances. These deposits can be difficult to clean and can undermine the performance of your dishwasher, humidifier, washing machine and hot water tank.

If you’re experiencing the effects of hard water, a water softener can be a welcome addition to your home. A standard water softener will last 10 to 15 years, while a higher-end model can keep going for 15 to 20 years.

If you keep your appliances working at top efficiency, you’ll see a return on investment for your water softener in 5 to 6 years. But what if you have to move houses? No problem! If don’t want to part with your water softener, the costs to remove and re-install are minimal.

Water Softeners offer benefits to Your Appliances and Fixtures

Soft water makes cleaning easier and it also prolongs the life of any appliance with water running through it. This includes the dishwasher, coffee pot, hot water tank, fridge, washing machine and humidifier.

Your water heater runs more efficiently with less build-up in it, and you’ll notice that you’re only replacing the pads in your humidifier every 2-3 years instead of annually thanks to the lack of build-up.

Meanwhile, you also save on plumbing service calls because your toilet stays clear of calcium build-up, meaning it continues to flush smoothly as time goes by.

So Is It For You?

A water softener can be expected to last 10-15 years for a simple, baseline model, and 15-20 years for a higher end model. It generally takes about five or six years to see a return on your investment.

We have had customers who loved their water softener so much; they took it with them when they moved! Just be aware that if you install a water softener, move in the near future, and don’t take it with you, you may need to just install one at your new house.

In our experience, once you’ve lived with softer water, you will have a hard time living with the effects of hard water again! It’s easy for us to remove your water softener from your old home and install it in your new home, and the costs are minimal.

Calgary Water Softener Review

I have used Instant Plumbing on several occasions now, most recently had a water softener fitted by Grant, which he recommended last year when he was replacing our hot water tank, finally got round to having this installed too. he has always turned up when he said he would, the price he has quoted he has always honored, even when things were a bit more involved than we first thought. to date he has been to our house to plumb in a new laundry room where there was none before, (even helped me move the washer and dryer up from the basement!) Instant Plumbing even sorted out the city inspection for this. Replaced our garburator, hot water tank, humidifier and now our new softener. and couldn't be more pleased with the quality of work.

Bobby O'Rourke

Google Review

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