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Water Lines Calgary – Repair, Replacement and Installation

We Can Repair, Replace and Install Your Water Lines, including:

  • Water lines that tie into your irrigation system
  • Water lines to your refrigerator or dishwasher
  • Water lines for new home construction

The team at Instant Plumbing has the training and tools necessary to install water lines for your new home construction or appliance upgrades.

We’ll use durable, high quality materials to ensure your water lines last. For example, if you have an irrigation system, we can do seasonal maintenance on any water lines that tie into it.

Do you have a new refrigerator or dishwasher?

Newer models of refrigerators include water dispensers and ice makers. Before you can start enjoying a cool glass of water, however, you’ll need a plumbing professional. They’ll set up a new water line or connect your refrigerator to an existing one. The same goes for if you’re adding a dishwasher to the list of appliances in your home.

Water Line Repairs and Replacements

Regrettably, there will come a time where water lines will fail beyond repair. A leak inside your home can be easy to spot. But if the piping that leads to the municipal supply is damaged, it might go unnoticed at first. A constantly damp lawn or an unexplained increase in your water bill can be a telltale sign. If that’s the case, we’ll strive to make the replacement or repair process as stress-free as possible.

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Don’t feel limited by your existing water lines. If you have renovation plans or emergency plumbing needs, give Instant Plumbing a call. We have the know-how to get your water running in no time.

Water Line Consultation