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Water Filtration Calgary, Installation & Repairs

We Provide Installation, Maintenance and Repairs for Water Filtration Systems.

Who would benefit from a water filtration system?

  • If you live on an acreage and are drinking untreated well water.
  • If you have pets, unfiltered water can contain chemicals and minerals that have an accelerated impact on their smaller bodies.
  • If you’re concerned about the quality of your water.
  • If you enjoy drinking water that’s up to 99.9% pure!

Water Filtration Options

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

The RO system is our most thorough option, your drinking water will be 99.9% pure. It removes calcium, minerals, bacteria and viruses by filtering your water through a semi-permeable membrane. Not impressed yet? To put it in perspective, municipally treated water has a level of 140-160 Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Water from a reverse osmosis system has only 8-10 TDS!

Carbon Filters

If you’re not a fan of the smell or taste of chlorine, then a carbon filter is what you need. However, carbon filters will not be able to remove inorganic contaminants or minerals. But it can be paired with a Reverse Osmosis system or a Water Softener, if you’d like a more thorough clean for your drinking water.

Water Softeners

Water softeners remove calcium and other minerals from your water. In particular, calcium deposits found in Calgary’s hard water can cause nasty build-up in your appliances and on your fixtures. In addition to water filtration, water softeners provide a number of benefits for your skin and your home.

Maintenance Requirements for Your Water Filtration System

Over time carbon filters need to be replaced. They can become too saturated with contaminants to be effective. RO systems and water softeners, on the other hand, can experience occasional blockages. If this happens, they can be cleaned according to manufacturer specifications. But don’t worry. When we install your water filtration system, we’ll let you know what cleaning products are safe to use and how to regularly maintain your device. And you can always give us a call if you’re stuck.

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Tired of buying crates of bottled water? If you’re investing in a water filtration system, give us a call. We can provide a quote and answer any questions you may have.

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