Video Drain Inspection

video-drain-inspectionIt happens to everyone sooner or later – the water that you want to disappear doesn’t. You have a blocked line. . . somewhere.

Enter our video drain line inspection service! Thanks to new developments in the technology, your plumbing specialist can use video to sniff out the source of the problem. Equipped with a camera at the end of a long cable, your plumber can not only see exactly what’s causing the problem but can also use the camera’s transmitter to pinpoint the location eliminating the need for multiple messy dig points. It’s more efficient, more precise and often leads to faster resolution. We have been offering plumbing services in Calgary since 1972 and are here to help you.

How Video Drain Inspection Helps the Repair Process

When we are hired to conduct a video inspection our clients are frequently – though not always – looking for the cause of an existing problem. We send our scope down the line using technology not available to the homeowner on a cable that’s long enough to go from your drain to your home’s municipal water tie-in. Our cameras are high resolution and self-righting (the picture always appears upright in our monitor no matter which way the camera may be tilted) and as we manually push the camera down the pipe, we can see what the camera sees on our monitor. For the convenience and peace of mind of our clients, the video can be downloaded on to a USB stick for future reference.

Costs of Video Drain Line Inspection

Without having the particulars of a specific situation, we can’t tell you definitely how long your inspection will take or how much it’ll cost but for a general idea, most inspections can be done in 90 minutes and will cost around $450.  We can even give you a digital copy of your video drain line inspection for your home buying or selling purposes.

When Use Video to Inspect Drain Lines

Aside from the obvious, if you’re considering selling your home or if you’ve got renovations on your mind, a video drain inspection may be a good first step. For prospective buyers, knowing that the sewer line is clear and in good shape is extra peace of mind. Remember, in Calgary as in most municipalities, water and sewer lines that connect a home to the municipal water system are the responsibility of homeowners – you’ll want to make sure your prospective new home has solid infrastructure before you buy. Home renovators may benefit from knowing that existing lines can support greater quantities of waste water.

But the most common call for a video drain inspection comes when there’s a problem. When this is the situation, the ability to actually see what we’re dealing with is a huge time-saver.  Things like invading tree roots, debris and particularly in post-flood southern Alberta, silt build up can all cause blockages. The camera lets us see exactly what we’re dealing with rather than using the educated guess work of just a few years ago. With this information, we can not only go right to the heart of the problem but we can also get the right solution – right off the bat.


Do you have questions? We have answers!

Video drain inspections are just one of the ways Instant Plumbing is working hard to provide our clients, both commercial and residential, with the best possible service. Our qualified technicians are able to quickly diagnose the issue and then recommend a course of action that will be both efficient and effective. Whether you’ve got a block in your line or are looking for some peace of mind prior to selling your home, give us a call. We’ll walk you through it.

George Pinel
George Pinel

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