Upgrading Your Toilet: Your Calgary Plumbers Tell You What You Need to Know

Read Before You Reno!

Is a bathroom renovation in your near future? What you don’t know about toilets might shock you. Read this before you start shopping and save yourself major headaches down the road!

Toilets: Building a Reputation

Toilet in white bathroomUnfortunately the “cheaply priced/poor quality” toilets from big box stores that people are installing are giving toilets everywhere a bad name. Why spend heaps on a gorgeous new bathroom only to end up with a toilet that’s constantly blocked?

Low-flow toilets, in particular, are gaining a reputation as crap (pardon the pun). We hear people saying that they’ll never install a low-flow toilet again. What’s really happening is that the cheaper low-flow models just aren’t able to do what they need to when it comes to flushing. There are fantastic low-flow toilets out there that will get the job done and save you money on your water bill, but the cheap ones are making them all look bad!

To contrast, once people have installed a good quality low-flow toilet, what we hear them say is, “My toilet rocks!” (Yes, this is actually a statement that you, too, could be making one day.)

Little Details Make a Difference

The difference is this: the toilets that we install (low-flow included) feature a fully-glazed passageway for waste to pass through. It’s smooth and everything gets through easily. Contrast this with the cheap, moulded porcelain of the less expensive models — these have rough edges along the passageway, which means solids can’t get through. Add to this the fact that many of these cheaper models only have a 1.5” opening in the bottom (the ones we install feature a 2” opening) and we are talking frequent visits from your local plumber to unclog blockages.

Of course, poop doesn’t bother us — it’s our business — but we understand that having us out to take a close look at your clogged toilet can be a little embarrassing, to say the least.

Because these inexpensive toilets feature all sorts of cheaply made parts — the flappers, for instance — that can sometimes cost more to replace than the toilet itself is worth, it’s not a tough call to say that it pays to buy a good quality toilet in the first place.

The toilet represents the biggest daily household use of water, flushing down 4.8L of water every time you use it. Make good choices.

Feel free to read our previous piece on bathroom vanities. And of course, give us a call for any of your bathroom renovation needs!

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George Pinel

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