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Effective July 1st 2019

Instant Plumbing & Heating – Standard Warranty



Instant Plumbing & Heating offers a standard 3 years parts and labour warranty on any products we supply and install. This 3 year warranty is only provided if the recommended maintenance and servicing has been performed by our employees and within the recommended time periods.


Service Calls / Service Warranty


Our service calls come with a 12 month warranty period. The 12 month warranty period only applies to the labor and parts that we install/replace. If we have recommended that the equipment is beyond serviceable life, there is no expressed or implied warranty, even if we work on it.


If the service call is due to a lack of maintenance or an oversight on the customer’s behalf such as clogged filters or dead batteries in a thermostat as limited examples, we reserve the right to withdraw any warranty and charge for the service call. Our warranty program is void if we find evidence of Misuse and/or mistreatment of equipment.


Drain Cleaning services are not covered under our warranty program.


IMPORTANT: We offer this service as an additional benefit to our customers. Our warranty is provided at our discretion. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend the terms and conditions of our warranty at any time and without notice.  

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