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Tankless Water Heater Repair in Calgary

tankless water heater repair calgary

For your house or place of business, water heaters are a smart investment, however, there will come a time when you may need a tankless water heater repair.

Tankless Water Heaters are not only very effective, but they can also help you save money by just heating water as needed. Even though it’s not common, problems can occur if your water heater’s internal components malfunction.

As Calgary’s Tankless Water Experts, we also offer repair services and can help you in fixing your water heater if it stops working.

What happens when we call out a repair expert?

During your Tankless water heater repair appointment, a trained technician will examine the unit and provide you with an estimate to repair your water heater.

There is a fee associated with the diagnostics of the operation of your tankless water heater.

When the Tankless Water Heater inspection is completed, you can look at the following options:

  • Proceed with the repair and have your paid diagnostic fee credited toward the repair cost.

  • Receive a quote for a new water heater with your diagnostic fee credited back to you.

  • Pay the diagnostic fee without initiating a repair or replacement.

Common signs that your water heater needs a repair

There are some common signs to look out for when your tankless water may need repairing.

No hot water

Lack of hot water in your Calgary home may be the most visible and alarming indication and symptom of a damaged tankless water heater.

Instant Plumbing & Heating right away to have a licenced plumber inspect your tankless water heater, identify the problem, offer a solution, and repair your water heater if you suddenly cannot receive hot water out of your faucets or showers.

Broken heating elements

Electricity or natural gas can be used to power tankless water heaters. The heating elements in electric devices might malfunction and lead to failure.

A heating element that has broken and caused a water heater to malfunction is a simple repair.

A plumber will ensure that the heating element is the sole malfunctioning component by checking the circuit breaker, thermostat, and any other wiring.

Instant Plumbing & Heating will be able to replace the damaged heating element and restore the hot water supply to your home.

Leaking water

Water should never leak from a tankless water heater, so if you notice any, call Instant Plumbing right away!

It might be caused by a loose valve or fitting, something much more complicated, or neither, but expertise will be required.

Poor water quality or discoloration

If the water flowing from your hot and cold water faucets is hazy or rusted, there is a problem.

Your faucets’ water should be clear, but if sediment has accumulated, the water may turn dark or grey instead. If it does, you might have a significant health issue at home.

The average lifespan of a water heater is ten years. To extend the life of yours, get annual maintenance and cleaning performed on it.

To clean your tankless hot water heater, seek the assistance of a competent technician, or leave the water flowing and check to see if the colour returns over time.

Low Water Pressure

Water heater issues can also affect your water pressure and leaks.

The sooner you identify the problem and resolve it, whether it is a buildup of sediment in your pipes or even a leak in one or more of the connections with the heater, the better.

If cleaning the water heater doesn’t solve the problem, your tank may require replacement.

Strange sounds

In normal use, your Tankless Water Heater system probably makes extremely faint noises, but if you hear any strange, loud noises like pounding, humming, shrieking, or knocking, it could indicate that your water heater is broken.

If you notice any loud or unusual noises coming from your tankless water heater, be sure to call Instant Plumbing right once to arrange for an expert tankless water heater repair as soon as you can.

Rising energy bills

Tankless water heaters are excellent for reducing your monthly energy costs, at least until they break down.

Your water heater consumes the majority of your monthly energy, so if you see any strange spikes in your bills, don’t dismiss it as a possible cause!

Why choose us for your Tankless Water Heater Repair?

You can trust Instant Plumbing & Heating to provide expert tankless water heater repair services, so the work will be done correctly.

Our team of experts has undergone extensive training and is equipped with the abilities, equipment, and information needed to repair your tankless water heater effectively.

Our top focus is ensuring the tankless water heater in your Calgary, Alberta home is fixed correctly and efficiently heating your water.



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George Pinel

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