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Tankless Water Heater Calgary

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless Water heaters are also known as on-demand water heaters are devices that allow the instant heating of water.

The instant heating offered is more cost-effective than a traditional hot water tank as the water is only heated when you use it.

Using a Tankless Water Heater allows an almost endless hot water supply to your home.

If you’re building or renovating your home, you may want to take a look at a tankless water heater.

But be aware, that tankless water heaters are not for everyone.

Before you make a decision, get the facts.

Here at Instant Plumbing, we carry a range of tankless water heaters and our plumbers are experts that will help in guiding you through the process.

In addition to Tankless Water Heaters, we also carry and install traditional hot water tanks.

No matter which option you choose to heat your water, we have a solution for you.

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Tankless Water Heater Advantages


A Tankless water heater is more efficient than any other type of storage set-up because less fuel is used to heat up the same amount of water.

In comparison with traditional water heater tanks that have efficiencies ranging from 40-60 percent, tankless water heaters can be 80-90 percent efficient.

This means that tankless water heaters can convert just one unit of fuel to almost one whole unit of heat.

Low fuel usage can greatly reduce your environmental footprint, making this system more energy-efficient and environmental-friendly when compared to other storage options.

Tankless heaters supply hot water as you need it and not more than you need.

They promise greater efficiency as there is no need to store water and keep it hot 

Cost savings

The traditional hot water tank costs you money as you are constantly having a full tank of water heated. The benefit of a tankless water heater is that you are only heating the water when you are using it, this is a much more energy-efficient solution.

Although the upfront cost of tankless water heater installation may be a bit higher compared to traditional tank-style water heaters, it will provide you with a considerable amount of savings in the long run. 

It can also last longer than the tank-style water heater, with owners expecting a payback period of at least 10-25 years.

An endless supply of hot water

Wouldn’t it be frustrating to come home after a vacation, and everyone wants to have a hot shower, only to find out that your traditional water heater tank has run out of hot water?

With a tankless water heater, heated water is on demand, ensuring that you will have a supply of hot water whenever you need it.

Neat and compact

Tankless water takes up much less space than your traditional hot water tanks and can also be wall-mounted. This can help free up room in your house, reducing clutter and giving your more storage space.

Get fresher water!

Another benefit of Tankless water systems is that they are using fresh water rather than pulling older and potentially stale water from a large traditional hot water tank.

Reduced chanced chance of water damage

Traditional hot water tanks will corrode over time if regular maintenance is not performed. When these tanks fail, potentially 50 gallons of water could be entering your home.


Tankless Water Heater Disadvantages

Higher cost of equipment and installation

Tankless water heater systems typically cost more than a traditional hot water tank system for both the equipment and installation.
We still recommend Tankless Water Heaters however as they can recoup the initial investment over time due to the fact that they are more energy efficient and help you save money on your bills.
Instant Plumbing & Heating also have finance options if you want to explore this option for your Tankless Water Heater installation.

Need Consistent Water Softening

If you don’t currently use a water softener, your tankless water heater could be headed for trouble.

You need to keep the elements inside the heater free from scale and build-up for best results. A water softener is essential.

If the power fails, you’re out of hot water.

Because there is no storage tank, there is no hot water if you lose hydro. Even gas-fired units require some electricity to work. No juice means no. . . um, juice.

Luckily, in Calgary, although we do have some adverse weather, we rarely have power outages that would affect your Tankless Water Heater.

Why Choose Instant Plumbing & Heating?

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What services do you offer?

Now that you have learnt a little bit more about water heating solutions, here are some of the services that we offer.

Tankless Water Installation

Great, you have decided to go tankless!. We can talk you through the model options and even help remove your old water heater.

It all starts with a phone call!, our plumbing & heating experts can guide you through the process of having the right Tankless Water Heater supplied and installed in your home.

We currently work with Navien, as we believe that their Tankless Water Heaters offer the best features and value to your customers.

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

It’s a good idea to have your water heater serviced each year to ensure that it is performing to its full capacity. This kind of service work can extend or ensure that any warranty remains in place.

Regularly Tankless Water Heater maintenance can also help in preventing costly repairs that may occur.

Tankless Water Heater Repairs

Although Tankless Water Heaters are usually more modern and efficient, they can still experience problems over their lifespan. If you are having any issues with a tankless water heater, call Instant Plumbing.

We are committed tried and tested problem solvers when it comes to Tankless Water Heaters. We will do all that we can to try and get your Tankless unit back up and running!

Tankless Water Heater Calgary Reviews

When an a Tankless Water Heater specialist attends your home, you can rest assured that the workman is a certified professional with the right accreditation.

Instant Plumbing & Heating has heating who are ready to assist with your project.

We have worked hard to gain a BBB A+ Rating for over 30 years.


Sunni Y.

I switched from a malfunctioning hot water tank system to a new tankless.

Tyler D. is a plumbing genius! So much so, that when I plan to install a water softener in the future, I may just go back to him.

FYI, just passed city inspection today too with flying colours.


Stephanie D.

Jeff was amazing! He was very professional and knowledgeable and my husband and I felt confident in all of his suggestions.

He definitely went above and beyond to provide us with excellent customer service.

We are happy with the work he did with his colleague installing our new tankless water heater.