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Carbon Monoxide Risks

The dead of winter is peak season for carbon monoxide risks; that’s when all your gas-fired appliances are working overtime. We all know that carbon

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Cold Spell Alert!

Make Sure Your Gas Appliances Can Breathe With the current cold spell and recent snowfall, we are getting a rash of calls right now concerning

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Côr Home Automation

We like, totally live in the future, man Pretty much everyone carries a smartphone these days, and most people also have broadband Internet access in

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High Radon Levels in Calgary

One out of eight homes in the Calgary region have unacceptably high radon levels, posing a public health concern that every homeowner should take seriously.

Mixing Valve to Prevent Scalding

In compliance with legislation that took effect February 28, 2012, seniors’ facilities need to be upgraded with temperature regulator mixing valves.