12357149 - cold shower. woman taking ice cold shower screaming funny at camera.Have you been wondering if your water heater is almost ready to give out? If you have had your water heater for 8-10 years, you would be wise to plan to replace it sooner rather than later — likely in the coming year or two. But did you know that when temperatures are especially cold — as they have been in Calgary this month — your water heater is more likely than other times to quit for good?

In what we could call one of life’s cruel ironies, you are more likely during brutally cold weather to need to make an emergency call to your plumber than any other time. When a major appliance, particularly one that provides heat, fails over the Christmas break, on New Years Eve, or at midnight on the coldest Sunday of the year, you’re stuck — if your water heater or furnace gives out under those circumstances you will need a visit from the on-call technician and you will pay much more than you would for a scheduled replacement.

The good news is that we can predict somewhat when your appliance — in this case, your water heater — should be replaced. If you think you may be nearing this point, we can come have a look at your water heater and let you know how near you may be to needing a new unit. The other good news is that we have a winter special on water heaters — keep reading for more details!

What the Cold Snap Does to Your Water Heater (and Save 15% on Water Heaters Until January 31!)

The effect of the bitterly cold weather on your water heater is two-fold:

  • Colder incoming water: when temperatures dip as low as they have, reaching -15, -20 or even lower, the water coming into your home through the pipes is much colder than usual. Your water heater is always going to put out the same temperature of water that you have the dial set to — you won’t notice any change at the faucet. However, this means that it needs to work that much harder to change the temperature of the incoming water, putting stress on the gas burner or the element.
  • Higher demand for hot water: when winter hits hard, chances are that you and your family will respond by taking longer, hotter baths and showers. Overall, we tend to use more hot water in the cold of the winter, which in turn also places stress on your water heater.

This accumulated stress can lead to the failure of a water heater that is on its last legs.

The moral of the story? It’s better to schedule the replacement of an aging water heater, than to end up stuck with no hot water over the holidays and paying higher prices for an emergency plumbing call.

And now for the good news: SAVE 15% from now until January 31st on new water heater installations when you call to schedule and mention this post and the special specifically!

We hope this takes the bite out of your water heater replacement and saves you from a chilly surprise!

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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