Stretching Your Dollar in a Bathroom Upgrade

When the economy isn’t great, here are three areas of the bathroom where a small investment can go a long way.

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Bathroom vanity When the economy isn’t great and we’re feeling down, little things like a dripping tap, leaky toilet, or pastel pink bathroom sink can bother us even more than usual. The trouble is, there also tends to be less money in the bank for a full bathroom overhaul! Thankfully, making even one simple change in the bathroom can make daily life that much more bearable — and if you’re switching out your shower head for a massaging model, the change might even bring you joy each morning when you step into the shower.

Here are three areas of the bathroom where a small investment can go a long way:

The Toilet

Maybe you still have the builder’s grade toilet in your bathroom, or maybe the toilet is just looking old and tired. It could be more water efficient, more comfortable, or flush more effectively.

Toilets are a quick and affordable upgrade because their standard 12” rough-in allows for them to be easily swapped out for a new one. This means that the cost is generally about one hour of labour, plus however much you decide to spend on a toilet. A shiny, new, one-piece toilet that flushes well and saves water can really spruce up your bathroom!

For more recommendations on upgrading your toilet, read more on our blog.

The Tub and Shower

There are so many affordable options in the shower that can bring a little bit of joy to your morning and also make your bathroom look great.

First, for just a couple hundred dollars, you can replace your shower trim, meaning the handle, chrome disk, and any other outer parts. If your shower valve is universal (which it will be if it is one of the trusted brands such as Moen or Delta), it’s simply a matter of taking off the trim and placing the new ones on. You can choose a new style, colour or shape and upgrade to something that is more current to your tastes. If the idea of starting each day with a relaxing shower sounds good, you might want to consider upgrading to a massaging shower head — that will take your mind off the economy for a few minutes every day!

To make an aesthetic change to the tub or shower, we can also upgrade your plastic surround if you aren’t in a place financially to install tile right now, or you might consider replacing the shower curtain with a glass shower screen. Any of these single changes can make your bathroom look and feel brand new!

For more recommendations on upgrading your tub or shower, read more on our blog.

The Vanity

If your vanity is in good condition, you can give it a quick, easy and wallet-friendly makeover by switching out the sink. A sink that is stained, chipped or a colour you don’t love looking at every day can be replaced with a new, good quality porcelain sink. Replacing the taps while we’re there will give your vanity a whole new look.

For more recommendations on upgrading your vanity, read more on our blog.

If you need to update your bathroom, but your budget is limited, don’t despair. We can help you determine your top priorities and how to get the greatest bang for your buck. You will be left with a bathroom that functions perfectly and is in line with your style. Call us today to find out how we can help you make your bathroom a room you really love.

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