Spring Plumbing Tips

Well Calgary, it’s becoming spring – however slowly.

Here are a few tips to ensure a trouble free startup of your outdoor plumbing.

Before turning on and using outside faucets, check that there doesn’t appear to be any leaking or corrosion around the opening or the joints.

Slowly turn on the inside shut off (if you have one) – it should pressure up and go silent.   If it doesn’t, there may be a leak.  Turn it back off and check for water leaks.  Taking care of leaks as soon as possible will prevent larger problems later.

If you have a frost proof tap open it up have someone inside to check for leaks from it, as it may have frozen over the winter.  Yes – I know – why does this happen George?  Well if the hose is not removed before our first frost – usually in August (don’t you love living here?) – it can freeze and cause it to burst.

With warming weather comes melting snow and our spring rains, so make sure your downspouts are extended far enough away from your house, so that the water won’t run back towards your foundation.  Also make sure your eavestroughs are not full of leaves or debris.

If you have a sump pump make sure it is working.  Add water to it with a bucket until it turns on.  It should pump out the water then shut back off.

If you encounter any troubles you know you can call us any time we would love to help you out.