Spring 2016 Air Conditioner Specials

Buy Now for The Best Prices on Cooling from Your Calgary A/C Experts!

We have been lucky in Calgary to have some beautiful weather already this spring, and early on there were days when some of us were surprised to find ourselves craving that air conditioning! Not so fast, though — remember to go easy on your compressor by not turning the A/C on until outside temperatures are consistently at least 15 degrees Celsius. One hot day might tempt you to crank the cold air, but if you turn it on for the season before higher temperatures are consistent, you’re forcing the compressor to work harder than it needs to.

That said, summer is almost here, and the time has come to think about home cooling. Whether you already have an air conditioner or you’re thinking about installing one this year, we have some great deals running right now, making June a great time to buy.

Already Own? Save on Service!

18268272_SYearly maintenance is recommended for your air conditioning unit. Before having an HVAC specialist out to check the refrigerant, motor and compressor, you can first clean under the cover with a hose (not a pressure washer), and clean the A-coil if applicable.

For more information on preparing your air conditioning unit for cooling season, read our previous blog post, Get Ready for A/C Season.

We are currently offering full servicing of A/C units, including up to one pound of refrigerant, for $135 — more than 30% savings off regular price! Call today to book your service appointment and receive this special pricing. This deal is not applicable on old-style refrigerant.

Thinking of Installing an Air Conditioner?

We are happy to always offer free estimates and quotes on air conditioning units, as well as complimentary service calls to ensure that you’re getting the unit that works with your furnace and matches the needs of your house.

In addition, until the end of June, Bryant is offering their Bryant bonus. As a certified Bryant dealer we are taking part in this promotion. Depending on what you need — a new furnace, just an air conditioner — and which model suits your needs, you can save up $1465 in total savings.

Call us to book your free estimate today!

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George Pinel

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