This Smart Thermostat Might Change Your Life…

…Or At Least Your Experience of Your Home

Our team member Don was lucky enough to be the first person in Alberta to have the sleek new Housewise smart thermostat from Bryant installed in his home early this year, and his experience with the product has been great. Bryant Housewise thermostat from This Wi-Fi compatible, smartphone accessible thermostat has so many cool built-in features, it has the potential to save you money, make your home a healthier environment, and definitely make your day-to-day life more comfortable.

What Makes it a Smart Thermostat?

When it comes to smart thermostats, this one is in a league of its own. As furnace technicians, we love it, because it does a great job of keeping track of and analyzing what is happening with the system at any given moment. It reports what’s happening with your furnace and humidity control every five minutes, a diagnostic report that can be printed off if needed. This means that if your furnace quits and we come to see you on a service call, we can print the report from the Housewise thermostat, and it will tell us when and why the unit stopped working. This makes our job faster, and saves you money!

Aside from that, this thermostat offers a host of other cool features that make daily life easier and more comfortable — and save you money. The term “smart” refers to the fact that beyond the manually programmed settings you instruct the unit to follow, such as what time to turn the heat up or down, or the humidity level you’d like your home kept at, it will also learn more about your lifestyle and habits based on when and how you set the levels.

With this information, the Housewise thermostat will adjust pre-sets and also give you monthly energy usage reports with tips on how you can save money by being more energy efficient.

For those of us who don’t keep a regular schedule, the ability to access the system remotely using our smartphone will come in especially handy. The thermostat is iPhone and Android compatible and can also be accessed from your tablet or computer.

Window Protection via Superior Humidity Control

One of our favourite features of the Housewise thermostat is the Window Protect feature. This sets the temperature and humidity at ideal levels to reduce window-damaging frost during especially cold periods. Excess humidity on the windows is a complaint that we hear quite often from customers and we have been very impressed with how this thermostat takes care of the problem.

If this all sounds too high-tech, don’t fear. The touch-screen controls are incredibly simple, and your Instant Plumbing technician will show you how to set up and use them. Bryant has taken all the technical terms out of the setup process and put it all into laymen’s terms. The thermostat will configure your settings by asking you simple questions like what time you go to work, go to bed and get up in the morning. This is another of our favourite features!

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