Preparing your home for Fall & Winter

Maintaining your home during the different seasons is a crucial part of avoiding season-specific damages and repairs. As the temperature drops down and becomes brisker, you’ll need to prepare your home’s interiors and exteriors for the shift to fall. Although most homeowners prioritize their preparations for winter, you shouldn’t underestimate what the prior season can do to an unprepared home.

Preparing your home for fall

As a homeowner, your preparation for the seasons should be mandatory. Being caught off-guard from issues such as pest infestation, ventilation, insulation, and heating can lead you to several costly consequences.

If you want to avoid any unnecessary damages to your home before winter, here are three areas you should add to your fall cleaning checklist.


Drains, gutters, eavestroughs, and downspouts

Although fall is mostly a dry season, that doesn’t mean that you will no longer be vulnerable to water damage. The falling of leaves can build up on your downspouts and eavestroughs, blocking the water flow from your roof to your drains. This can lead to clogged drains at best to mold infestations at worst.

Besides the presence of mold, you can also expect different critters and pests to take shelter on the abundance of leaves in these areas. Since you can expect leaves to fall daily, you should schedule regular sweeping of your drains and gutters. Doing so will prevent it from being more challenging for you to clean. Additionally, you can install barriers or filters on your eavestroughs to avoid the buildup of leaves and debris to your vents and drains.

Weather stripping and insulation

Preparing for fall requires you to assess your attachments for insulation. Doing so will help you reduce your energy bills for your heating system when the time comes. Keep in mind that weather stripping won’t stay effective all year-round, especially after harsh seasons. You need to replace them every few years to see if they’re keeping your ventilation tight, especially on your windows and garage doors.

If you notice any drafts of air around closed entrances and windows, you should double-check if the stripping is still intact. Don’t forget to evaluate your attic openings if they’ll need extra weather stripping or insulating gaskets if there are cracks and holes.

Furnace and air vents

It’s typical for homeowners to avoid their furnace, especially during the summer months. However, now that you’re anticipating winter, you should perform general maintenance while you still can.

First, you should check its filter to see if you have to clean or replace it. Next, vacuum around the vent’s floor and air intake vents to clear off any presence of dust or debris. It’s best to contact an HVAC professional to perform necessary maintenance repairs if you want to ensure a deep clean on your furnaces.


A prepared homeowner will experience the least home repairs and renovations when facing any harsh season. Regardless of the season, you need to go through a routine check of your home’s vulnerable areas. Do a routine inspection of your rain barrels, fireplace, smoke detectors, and even lawn equipment to see if they’re still working well.

You should ask the experts to handle your house’s different needs if you want your home to receive professional maintenance treatment. If you need residential plumbing in Calgary, we can provide a wide selection of services from plumbing to heating repairs. Contact us today and we’ll help you prepare your house for any season!

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