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As your local Calgary Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning experts, we like to periodically run promotions for our loyal customer base.

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More Units Secured
15% off Water Softeners supply and installation.

Naturally with the pandemic, more people are working from home than ever before and as a result, we have seen a massive increase in demand for Water Softeners.

We are reintroducing our offer of a 15% discount on the installation and supply of water softeners.

This offer will expire on August 31st 2021.

Air Quality
10% off New Air Filtration Systems

As residential construction techniques improve, building envelopes are becoming better insulated. In general, this is great news. It means you’ll be able to use less energy to heat and cool your home.

The downside is that there’s very little air exchange happening. As a result, mold, dust, pet hair and residue from cleaning products, become trapped indoors as invisible, airborne contaminants.

If your health is suffering from poor indoor air quality, there are a variety of air filtration and purification options that can work with your existing HVAC system.

This offer will expire on August 31st 2021.

Air Conditioner Shortage - Book Now!

install air conditioning

Another consequence of the ongoing pandemic is an ongoing shortage of Air Conditioning units following production issues.

If you have been considering the installation of an Air Conditioning system, we strongly advise that you make the booking early to avoid potential disappointment or delays when the warmer weather arrives.

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