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Picture The Ultimate in High-end Toilet Comfort

Toto Neorest toilet seat

We get it, you’re giggling. Toilets aren’t exactly a glamorous topic, nor do they tend to be considered appropriate dinner conversation. But humour us for just a couple of minutes — swivel your computer screen away from prying eyes of co-workers or easily amused teenagers if you must — and find out just how glamorous a toilet can actually be.

(The good news? The throne of champions is priced within your budget!)

Toto Causes Toilet Envy

The Neo-Rest from Toto is an intuitive, one-piece toilet that offers the ultimate in comfort and hygiene from start to finish. Toto really hasn’t missed even the smallest of details here.

Picture the following, if you will:

… As you approach the ultra-modern toilet, it lifts its seat in anticipation. You may now lift both seats if you will be standing to pee — this tells the Neorest to flush less water when you are finished.

… Now that you’re here, the heated seat and built-in deodorizer offer you the highest level of comfort. Even better, your whole experience is run by remote control, so your hands stay cleaner (we still recommend washing up afterward!).

… Finished your business? Now you may wash yourself clean — toilet paper is so over. Vary the water pressure and temperature to find your exact comfort level, and the wand will move from side to side to get the job done.

… Follow up with a quick blow dry, again choosing the temperature that feels best for you.

… All done? Simply stand and leave; the Neorest will close its lid and flush automatically, followed with a mist of electrolyzed water to clean the bowl.

Who Knew You Could Feel This Way About a Toilet Seat?

Toto WashletNow granted, the Neorest may be a bit much for most people, but fortunately, there is the Toto Washlet toilet seat, which comes with many of the above features at an attainable price. You can even take it with you when you move. Experience auto-flush, auto-lift, heated seat, and wash and dry functions on any toilet! You’ll be amazed at how comfortable using the toilet can feel, and that you can walk away feeling so refreshed and clean.

We love Toto products because they have proven to be the most reliable, easy functioning and well-engineered of any we have seen.

Our owner George even added a Washlet seat to his travel trailer. It has impressed him with its water efficiency — even when just running off the trailer’s tank, the Washlet’s sprayer continues to spray after the pump has turned off.

If you’re interested in learning more about Toto’s luxury toilet products and how they can fit into your budget, give us a call. We love talking toilets!

George Pinel
George Pinel

Master Plumber

I have been involved in this family owned business for 33 years now.

It has always been and will continue to be the core focus of Instant Plumbing & Heating to provide a long lasting relationship with our customers based on trust and integrity of our service and products.

This achieved by using the best quality materials. I as a business owner continue to mentor and treat my staff with the highest regard and respect, this interns helps them deliver to the client great quality workmanship and service.

It is our professional goal to leave a situation better than when we arrived both in how we do our work and in how you feel for having chosen us to do your work, we are in the anxiety reduction business using plumbing and heating service work to do it.

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