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A Kitchen That Looks Fresh and New: Invest Wisely!

Life in Alberta has been a little leaner this year than in recent years, and because of this, it’s less likely that homeowners will be planning extensive renovations. However, we know that fixing minor annoyances around the house can make life less stressful, and we also know that something as simple as installing a new sink or tap can give the appearance and feel of a whole new kitchen, which can bring a bit of joy during tough times.

This spring on our blog, we outlined the three areas of the bathroom where a modest investment can go a long way toward a great, fresh appearance. Now, let’s look at the best places to invest a little in the kitchen, for a big improvement.

The Faucet

27462733_SRecently we were working in a customer’s home, and they asked to see options for replacing the tap in the kitchen. They loved the look of the new taps, but thought that if they upgraded these, they would look mismatched with the builder’s grade sink. We installed a beautiful carbon-coloured, graphite sink and when the owner saw the effect of the new sink along with the new tap, she was so pleased that you would think we had redone the entire kitchen!

The faucet and sink are a focal point in the kitchen, and the kitchen itself is a gathering area within the home. Upgrading these pieces can leave you feeling like the whole kitchen has been renovated and bring you a bit of joy each time you walk into this central room within your home.

A nice and easy improvement for the faucet is simply to replace your builder’s grade, single spout tap with a model that features two side handles and includes a pullout. For an added style upgrade, switching from chrome finish to stainless steel keeps the faucet in the same colour realm and also tends to match the kitchen appliances, with a more modern look.

The Kitchen Sink

As the most-used sink in the house, the kitchen sink withstands a lot of abuse over the years, leading to scratching and inevitable wear. The standard stainless steel sink looks fine, but by installing a square or boxy sink, a smokey graphite sink or an undermount sink, you can elevate the simple kitchen sink to the kitchen’s focal point. Blanco and Kindred, the two brands we offer, make beautiful, distinctive, high-quality sinks, and customers are often surprised by how much of a difference the installation of a new sink makes in their perception of their kitchen.

There is no need to make a huge investment or dip into your savings to feel a big difference in how much you feel about your kitchen. Call us today to find out more about how an upgrade you can afford can make you fall in love all over again.

George Pinel
George Pinel

These blog posts are brought to you from George Pinel & the Instant Plumbing team.

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