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Introducing Home Automation From Instant Plumbing

Available From Your Calgary Plumbers in September

This fall we’re offering an exciting new option in home automation that brings comfort control, home security and home automation all into one package, completely customizable to meet your individual needs. The Côr (TM) Home Automation package from Bryant allows you to:

  • monitor when doors or windows are opened; Cor Home Automation
  • lock and unlock your doors, key-free;
  • turn lights on or off remotely;
  • control small appliances using pre-set timers, or remotely;
  • personalize and remotely control comfort settings such as the temperature in your home;
  • remotely monitor safety concerns using integrated smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors;
  • with many more options for configuring the system to your preferences, all controlled through a home automation hub via your smart phone.

    Security, Comfort Control, Safety

    The Côr standard package includes the home automation hub with stand; door and window sensors; motion sensor; water sensor (ideal in rooms susceptible to floods or water damage); and the light module which controls lights and small appliances automatically, manually or remotely.

    The beauty of the system lies in its customizability. Users can choose the components that make sense for them based on their own situation. Côr Home Automation is perfect for staying aware of what children or caregivers are up to at home; ensuring the safety of elderly loved ones; monitoring a vacation home; or simply automating your home for maximum comfort through preset temperature control, or the use of Geofencing to sense when you’re close to home and turn on the porch light and unlock the front door in anticipation of your arrival. Depending on your situation, you may choose the HousewiseTM Wi-Fi Thermostat, keyless locks, a variety of electrical outlets or light modules, sensors for everything from freezing to glass breaking to any type of door, or even a personal panic button.

    We love that the Côr Home Automation system offers real freedom in that users can choose to monitor their home personally at no cost, or can upgrade to professional monitoring at any time if they wish. We also love that the system is configured to be flexible, easily expandable as your needs change and future-proof, meaning that it easily accommodates quickly changing technology.

    Easy Installation By Your Existing HVAC Technician

    The Côr Home Automation system is a Bryant product, meaning that it comes with the same level of quality, training and certification customers expect from all Bryant products. Our HVAC specialists will be trained in installation of the system, and with annual furnace maintenance season coming up, this is the perfect time to consider incorporating this technology into your home.

    Best of all, the system is wireless, meaning no-mess installation and no disruption within your home.

    We will have the Côr Home Automation available for installation starting in September. Give us a call to set up a consultation where we can help you decide which features would benefit you the most!

    Cor Competency

George Pinel
George Pinel

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