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We’ve very recently blogged about carbon monoxide (CO) detection and the rash of venting problems occurring this winter, but we were shocked and saddened by the recent tragedy of a twelve-year-old Airdrie boy who died from CO poisoning in his own bed. The source of the gas was found to be a condensing boiler unit that was venting improperly.


The Aftermath in Airdrie
Following a suggestion by the local fire department, the town of Airdrie has issued an order to the owners in the affected condominium complex to have their condensing boilers and associated venting inspected. The order specifically mentions Laars Mascot and Baxi Luna combi boiler units:

“The purpose of this notice is to inform owners/occupants of units that have the above mentioned boilers to have their heating units checked and serviced by a person that is certified, properly trained, and qualified to perform such functions, and that person or company has a current Business License with the City of Airdrie.” The notice goes on to require proof of inspection by March 12 or face legal action.


Don’t Make Assumptions About Your Safety
It’s very unlikely the specific equipment type or brand had anything to do with this tragedy, and it’s certainly not just a problem for this one building complex in Airdrie! Rather, all appliances and equipment that burn fuel can generate carbon monoxide, and as such require adequate venting.

We implore you not to wait until a tragedy occurs, or legal action is threatened. Annual visits to inspect your natural gas appliances should be part of your household routine, and no home should be without a CO detector.


We Can Help
Call us for inspection of your natural gas appliances by a licensed and experienced Journeyman Gas Fitter; we can address any questions you may have to keep your home the safe place it should be.

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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