Humidifier Calgary

We Provide Humidifier Installation, Maintenance and Repairs for:

  • Flow-through style humidifiers
  • Fan-powered humidifiers
  • Steam humidifiers

Control Your Climate with a Quality Humidifier

If you’re experiencing itchy skin and damaged floorboards due to dryness, why not invest in a humidifier? A humidifier from a trusted brand, like General Aire or Bryant, can keep your home at an ideal level of humidity with minimal upkeep.

At Instant Plumbing, we have qualified technicians to help you choose the right humidifier based on key factors, such as the size of your home. And if you’re unsure if your current humidifier is the perfect fit, we’ll gladly take a look. We can offer suggestions on a more appropriate model or perform maintenance, as required.

Calgary Winters Cold & Dry

When the temperature drops, you turn up your heat. Unfortunately, this reduces the level of humidity in your home. And without an appropriate amount of moisture in the air, a number of negative effects can occur. For instance:

  • Your skin can become flaky and irritated.
  • Your home can experience cold zones. Without moisture, it’s difficult for heat to spread evenly in a space. This, in turn, places more pressure on your furnace.
  • Your home finishes – wood, in particular – can crack and shrink.


Maintenance Requirements for Your Humidifier

Calgary’s hard water tends to create buildup on the absorption pads in your humidifier. In general, they should be replaced every 12 months. As a result, just like your furnace, your humidifier requires yearly servicing in order to stay in top shape. In fact, we suggest scheduling your furnace and humidifier maintenance for the same time.

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