Autumn is a good time of year to tackle furnace replacement; you get to enjoy the fruits of your investment right away without going through the stress of an emergency mid-winter replacement at thirty below.


Check Out Bryant

When you call us for a possible furnace replacement, first we’ll pay you a visit to evaluate your current furnace and see if replacement is the best option for you. We primarily sell Bryant and Carrier (sister companies) and we are a Factory Authorized Dealer for Bryant. This means we can offer the best prices on Bryant systems, and are specialists in servicing them properly too.

There’s not much you need to do before you call, but you may want to do a little research at the website, have a look at what’s available, and consider what features you would like. In particular, give some thought to whether you’re going to want air conditioning in the future.


Planning for A/C?

There is a component we can add during furnace installation that will make adding air conditioning simpler and cheaper– an evaporative coil assembly (commonly called an A-coil or N-coil, depending on the shape). Including one of these coils will add about $400 to the furnace installation, but when the time comes to add air conditioning, you’ll avoid the greater labour cost of having to re-do any tinwork.


Furnace Selection

When selecting a particular furnace model, we’ll evaluate your entire home and do heat loss calculations to determine what you’ll need in terms of BTUs. These machines give highest efficiency at full operating temperature; too small a furnace won’t do the job when winter is coldest, and an oversized furnace will, in effect, deliver lower efficiency.

Furnace design has made great advances in recent decades. The furnace in your parents’ house was most likely a single-stage burner that had two settings: OFF and FULL BLAST. Modern furnaces can deliver much better efficiency with smoother, more even heat, and do it more quietly. They achieve this by modulating the performance of the burner and the fan.


Multi-Stage Operation

With heat loss calculations, we determine how many BTUs will be required to maintain an indoor temperature of 22°C while the outdoor temperature is –35°C, given a windspeed of 5 mph. These baseline conditions determine the maximum heat your home requires.

However, most of the year you won’t have a 57° difference from inside to outside! These modulating furnaces can self-adjust to run at fraction of their maximum capacity, running longer at a lower speed. This means energy savings and improved comfort; gas input is lower, fan speed is slower, the system is quieter and smooths out the temperature swings characteristic of older furnaces. Ideally we want to achieve completely even heat throughout the day, regardless of outdoor conditions.


The Thinking Furnace

Bryant also has a proprietary smart thermostat technology that not only controls the furnace and tracks your heat settings, but monitors outdoor temperature and weather forecasts with an Internet connection to create a sophisticated heating algorithm. This allows the system to anticipate changes in both the weather and your lifestyle; it’s much more of a thinking heating system than the on/off technology we’ve had for 75+ years.


Give Us A Call

If you think it’s time for a furnace replacement, contact us to set up a free consultation. We think you’ll be pleased with what’s possible.

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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