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Hot Water Recirculation

Quicker Hot Water Means Less Water Waste

Are you seeking ways to minimize energy costs while maintaining a high standard of care and convenience? When it comes to hot water, many of us waste liters of water – water we pay for – just waiting for the hot water to come out of the taps. There is a better way, and our Calgary Plumbers can guide you!

Hot water recirculation

Right now, water in the hot water lines is rapidly losing energy in your house.

When you next want to wash your face or the dishes or run the washing machine, the water in those lines will be dumped down the drain while you wait for fresh hot water to make it from the heater to the faucet.

With a hot water recirculation system, a system of valves sends the cooled water back to the heater through the cold water lines and brings fresh hot water directly from the heater to you.

It’s more efficient not just from an energy perspective but also a better way to use water. By recirculating the water rather than just dumping it, homeowners can reduce their water bills while still enjoying a high degree of comfort and convenience.

Benefits of the system

Not only will you enjoy instant hot water, but your appliances will also.

In fact, with hot water on demand, you will likely see better performance from those appliances that depend on hot water to do their best work. Washing machines, dishwashers, and showers – will all see positive impacts from the technology.

But the most satisfying impacts may be the ones that hit you in the wallet. With a reduction in water consumption – a goal the City of Calgary is avidly pursuing – consumers will see a reduction in water costs as water is recirculated within the home rather than dumped into the municipal water system. It’s a can’t-lose proposition!

How we can make it work for you

The hot water recirculation system can work in new builds or be retrofitted into older homes. We love the Grundfos Comfort System, a dependable and high-quality product that has already saved between 12,000 and 38,000 liters of wasted water in the average US household.

Hot Water Recirculation Valve
Grundfos Hot Water Recirculation System


While installing a recirculation system on existing plumbing infrastructure is more expensive, we have to say it’s much cheaper than the tankless water heater option.

Whether you’re building your home or hoping to improve performance and efficiency in an existing home, talk to us so we can plan the most efficient, user-friendly, and effective recirculation system for you. If your goal is cost-savings, greater convenience, and performance or water conservation, the recirculation option is a system that delivers. Give us a call, and let’s get started!

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