Heated Driveway Installation

heated driveway installation

Driveway Heating – take it outside!

Radiant, in-floor heat can be great – outside!

Yes, we know your mom used to tell you “we’re not heating the neighbourhood!” but with today’s technology, we’re not trying to heat the great outdoors, we’re just trying to warm up a small corner of it – namely, your driveway.

Put down that snow shovel

For those of us who may struggle with the shovel – or who want elderly relatives to put theirs away – getting rid of snow accumulation really is as easy as flicking a switch. Imagine never having to shovel again – it can happen. And don’t underestimate the peace of mind for the elderly or disabled. A heated driveway doesn’t just prevent snow build-up, it also prevents ice from forming, leading to a more secure surface for everyone.

Types of Heated Driveways

There are two systems of in-floor radiant heat that can be used to make your shovel-less winters a reality. The first uses an electric current to generate heat across a mat laid under your driveway’s surface. The second uses hot water and directs the flow through tubing via pumps and valves. Both systems are effective at raising the temperature of the driveway above freezing and keeping the snow from accumulating. But as in all things, you have to know which is the right choice for you.

Generally, water systems are more expensive in the initial stages than their electric counterparts but water-based heating will make it up over time and are generally cheaper and more energy efficient over the long run. Remember, if you have to demolish an existing driveway to upgrade, those costs will need to be factored in. If you’re dealing with new construction, you have the luxury of making your choices before the driveway is laid. Get in touch early and we can walk you through the process.

Construction basics like proper drainage and grading for your driveway are also important considerations and don’t forget, all that hot water has to come from somewhere – you’ll need to assess your hot water tank to ensure you don’t run into capacity issues. After all, no one wants a cozy driveway and a freezing shower.

Choosing and Installing Heated Driveways

As a full-service plumbing company, we can help you assess your current situation, help you make the right decisions for your budget and situation and then make sure everything comes together right.

Yes, there’s a lot to think about. But just for a second, consider this: standing at your window with a cup of coffee and watching your neighbours struggle to clear the white stuff while your driveway stays beautifully, wonderfully clear.

That’s a winter wonderland we can all enjoy!