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You probably know about touch activated faucets. They’ve been around for quite a while, yet some customers are a wee bit leery of the concept due to misconceptions about their operation and safety. Take it from us, you have nothing to worry about.


Breaking the Bacterial Chain

If you’re working in the kitchen and your hands are contaminated, let’s say from handling raw chicken or bacon, your first action will be to wash your hands. You could operate the tap manually and wash up, but then turning off the tap would require your clean hands to touch the control surface that you just contaminated. If you don’t break this chain with constant surface cleaning, the kitchen tap can become a very germy place indeed.

Being able to turn on the water with a light touch of your forearm means cross contamination from the control handle gets cut way down. Besides, having this feature doesn’t mean giving up manual operation of the faucet.


Common Misconceptions

1. Accidental Activation?

This is a common worry that’s actually pretty baseless. Unwanted activation is not a concern because the control unit is much smarter than you might think; it can tell the difference between the deliberate brief touch that starts the water flow and the more prolonged touch that occurs when you reposition the tap, if your cat brushes up against it, or even if your bird lands on it.

2. Operation by Small Children?

It really doesn’t seem to be an issue. For safety reasons, the water flow will automatically stop after 60 seconds, so you needn’t worry that your child will forget to turn off the tap. As easy as it is for children to turn on touch controlled faucets, they’re also easier for them to turn off! Most kids relish this kind of control once they discover it.

3. Cleaning Difficulty?

You might think it would be a struggle to clean a faucet that’s constantly turning itself on, but a more prolonged, deliberate touch longer than five seconds activates a cleaning mode for two minutes during which the flow will not activate. You won’t have to fight with the tap while trying to clean it.

4. Electrical Dangers?

Nope! The control unit and solenoid valve operate on direct current from common household batteries. Furthermore, the electrical parts are completely insulated from the water flow. There is no connection to your household electricity, and the faucet poses no shock risk whatsoever.

Battery life will depend on frequency of use, typically between two and four years. When the battery nears end of life, the control unit will let you know by pulsating the water flow three times on activation. Even if the battery dies, the manual control will still work.


Hands Full?

Situations will arise when even touch operation might be a nuisance; maybe you’re carrying a heavy pot, or maybe you’re just up to your elbows in your work! To address this, Grohe has developed a thoughtful and innovative solution that lets you control the flow of your faucet with a gentle tap of the foot to a discreet control mounted at floor level below the sink. The same safeties are in place as for touch control.

Grohe FootControl is now included with three of their most popular faucets, or the feature can be retrofitted to any existing Grohe pull-out kitchen faucet. Give us a call if you have any questions about this great upgrade, and remember that expert installation is just as important as the quality of the fixtures you choose.


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George Pinel

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