Getting Quotes On A New Furnace?

We put a lot of time into forming a quote based on quality equipment and expert installation, but potential customers sometimes wonder why Instant Plumbing’s quote may be more expensive than some of the competition for the same job. There’s a reason for that difference in price.


Not All Furnaces Are Created Equal

Your choice of furnace needs to be well-informed. Choosing the wrong unit won’t just cost you money over its lifetime, but could affect your comfort, quiet and safety. There aren’t any easy do-overs with a purchase like this! We recommend and install Bryant heating systems, and we’ll help you select the model best suited to your home. Chances are there are choices available now that didn’t exist when your original unit was installed, such as variable speed airflow and much more efficient two-stage or step modulating burners.


The Cheapest Bid Won’t Be The Best Work

We urge you to beware of bargains where your furnace is concerned. We’re talking about a crucial investment in your home. Don’t forget you’re actually buying two things: the furnace, and an expert installation. The very best furnace poorly installed cannot deliver what it should, and a low-ball fixed price won’t be taking into account any complexities that could arise with your particular installation.


Top Efficiency Comes From Proper Testing & Calibration

Here in Calgary, the furnace is the single largest consumer of energy in the home, so naturally you’ll want the highest efficiency available to you. Achievement of your furnace’s touted efficiency rating requires expert installation and calibration to fit your home’s requirements. This means attention to many details and interconnecting systems: heating capacity, duct work, gas piping, venting, provision for combustion air, flue gas condensate disposal, electrical requirements, air filtering, humidification, and more. For instance, sizing matters a lot; a mismatch with the size of the duct distribution system can result in excessive static pressure causing high fan power usage, in turn causing a drop in overall efficiency.

It’s not enough to just pop a furnace in and turn it on (“Got heat? OK, see ya!”). We’ll employ specialized combustion analyzing equipment to ensure that the installed unit performs with the highest efficiency it can deliver.


Call Us for a Free Consultation

We’re committed to providing our customers the very best value, and sometimes that’s not the lowest price. Get the right furnace installed properly by the most experienced technicians available. In the end, quality doesn’t cost– it pays!


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