Get Ready For A/C Season

Show Your Air Conditioning Unit a Little TLC Before You Turn It On For The Summer

Before we know it, it will be hot enough outside for the home air conditioner to offer sweet, cool relief. It might still seem a long ways off, but spring is the time to get excited about summer and all the good things summer brings, after all.


Don’t jump the gun. You can’t turn on the air conditioner until outside temperatures are consistently at least 15 degrees (Celsius). Because the compressor works off a temperature differential, if you turn it on when temperatures are any lower than that, the compressor will have to work too hard.


Before turning the unit on for the first time this spring or summer season, you may need to clean it. If there is a cover over the air conditioning unit, take the cover off and clean out the unit with a regular hose (not a pressure washer, which could damage the coils).


If your unit has a case coil, you’ll need to clean the A-coil. You can tell you have one of these units if, instead of your air conditioner being in a piece of tin, it is in an enclosure with a door. If your air conditioner is a case coil unit, open the door on the enclosure and clean the dust off the A-coil. Dust on the coil will restrict air-flow and capacity for cooling, which can make the coil freeze. The addition of ultraviolet bulbs will help reduce any mould that builds up around the coil.


Once the unit is clean, you should book a visit from your HVAC specialist. Your tech can start the air conditioner for the first time of the season and check the refrigerant, motor and compressor. It’s important to have these components checked at the start of each cooling season as, if the motor or compressor is out of oil, you could blow the compressor.


At this point you can also make sure your filter is clean, or new. This will allow for proper air flow, which will prevent the coil inside the A-coil from freeze.


We hope you enjoy a hot summer outdoors, and a cool, climate-controlled summer indoors!

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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