Garburator Got You Down?

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Sadly, like any other home fixture or appliance, the handy in-sink garburator eventually wears out. If yours has been in use for about 10-12 years, you might be reaching that point.

Some Signs Your Garburator is Ready to Give Up the Ghost

As the unit starts to wear out, you’ll first notice that the sink will get blocked more often than it used to. This is because the garburator is not chopping the food as effectively as it once did. You might find yourself calling the plumber more often to unblock the line.

As time goes on, your garburator will start to sound as loud as a jet engine or produce a metallic grinding sound when you run it. The vibrations will become intense. At this stage of the game, the vibrations are actually strong enough that they can damage the sink by breaking the seal where it’s mounted into the countertop, or even cause ceiling damage below.

My Garburator Doesn’t Work Well Anymore – Now What?

Unfortunately, a garburator is a concealed unit — it’s not possible to strip them down and replace the small parts that are involved within. Because they can’t be serviced, the only option is to replace the unit.

We install three different models of In-SinkErators, each with a different length of warranty: twelve-year, ten-year or eight-year. All three come with in-home warranty which doesn’t require any papers be sent away. Each model also features auto-reverse, which means that if anything gets stuck, the unit automatically reverses its rotation to prevent blockages. The units do differ in horsepower.

The Excel 1100 offers a 12-year warranty and breaks down large volumes of food waste smoothly and quietly. The Excel 1000 is very small and perfect for small kitchens, while still offering plenty of kick, and the basic Excel 800 offers an 8-year warranty along with the quality and the quiet, effective food waste disposal of the whole In-SinkErator Evolution series.

All models feature SoundSeal(R) technology for ultimate quiet and MultiGrind(R) Technology with three stages of grind, meaning you never need to wonder whether or not a certain food is appropriate to place in your garburator.

If your current, worn-out garburator is making your kitchen comparable to a helicopter landing pad, give us a call. We can bring your garburator up-to-date, restore quiet in your kitchen, and save your other fixtures from vibration damage.

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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