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In the winter, does a trip to your garage feel like an Antarctic expedition? With the help of our experienced technicians, garage heating systems are easy to install and maintain.

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Use Your Garage All Year Round with an Easy to Maintain Heating System

Have you ever considered an overhead gas heater for the garage? You might associate them with commercial spaces, but they can be a great addition to a residential garage if you like a warm, dry car in the morning, or if you use your garage as a workshop or utility space.

Natural gas heaters are the way to go for this application. Initial cost may be a little higher than electric space heaters, but today’s gas heaters are more efficient, safer, cheaper to run, and an all-around better investment.

We will assess your garage for the perfect model and placement based on a heat loss determination. And, in no time, you’ll be tinkering in your garage again.

For a heated garage, aside from occasionally cleaning the fan blades, little maintenance is required. On request, we can also come by to check on gas pressure, electronics and carbon monoxide levels.

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    Why Garage Heating is a good investment.

    A heated garage will add value to your home, it’s great for your car, and they cost very little to run provided your garage is properly insulated. We offer plenty of options from Sterling, Hot Dawg, and Reznor. Give us a call to discuss what’s right for you.

    Garage Unit Heaters

    Large scale unit heaters are a familiar sight in commercial garages and warehouses; smaller, low-profile versions are available for residential garages. These are small gas-fired forced air heaters, and some are even made locally. The circulation of air by this type of heater means fast warming time and aids in drying surfaces in the garage.

    Garage Heater Installation Calgary

    It’s a fairly simple and straightforward installation to add natural gas heat to the garage. A licensed gas fitter runs the gas supply out and properly vents the heater, and if your garage is attached or built-in, this is especially easy to do as the gas line is usually readily available. These heaters are mounted high up either from the ceiling or the wall.

    The BTU rating of your garage heater should be selected carefully. A heater that’s too small won’t do the job satisfactorily, and a heater that’s too large will waste energy in the long run, since they only reach peak efficiency at their full operating temperature. If the heat cuts off once the unit has barely warmed up, you’re effectively lowering the efficiency rating.

    Garage Tube Heaters

    You’ll see this type in hockey arenas– long gas-fired radiant heaters that heat the surfaces they are directed at, rather than heating and circulating air. These heaters are very efficient, but you have to be careful with placement; too close to your vehicle and they can scorch the paint. Higher ceilings are best with this heater type.


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    Excellent service and professional work – on the installation of gas hot water tank & gas garage heater. Completed on Aug.27, 2019 by Tyler Davidson & trainee. From a well satisfied customer

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