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Because of the cold weather we are receiving a lot of calls in relation to issues with hot water tanks and furnaces. They can shut down because of the vents, air intake or exhaust filling up with snow or icing over. The build-up can occur inside the pipe which gets blocked.

Before calling out a plumber, you can save yourself money by going outside and locating the vents, clearing the location of any ice and snow


Furnace Service Calgary – You can help keep your furnace working smoothly by cleaning the intake, furnace and exhaust filter every three months. Once winter starts, and your furnace is running more regularly, it’s a good idea to check your furnace filter every month. And don’t forget to regularly test any carbon monoxide detectors in your home!

If you’re travelling during the winter, take these extra steps to avoid burst pipes:

  • Turn off the main water supply.
  • Open one tap on the main floor or basement. This drains the lines and lowers the pressure.
  • Flush the toilets to remove water from the tanks. If not, the water in the tanks can freeze and cause cracks in the porcelain.
  • Have someone check on your home every 24 hours.

In order to maintain top efficiency and avoid critical issues with your furnace, schedule an annual checkup with a professional.

Not only will a well-maintained furnace save you money over time, but it’s also a safety concern. For instance, your furnace is a potential source for carbon monoxide. Low levels of CO in the air aren’t picked up by some carbon monoxide detectors, but they can still cause you to feel ill.

During our furnace inspection, we will:

  • Check for cracks, leaks and damaged or dirty parts.
  • Inspect for carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Clean the furnace intake and exhaust filters.
  • Examine your heat recovery ventilator (HRV).
  • Perform any repairs or replacements, as needed.

Yearly Furnace Maintenance

As your friendly Calgary plumbers, we want to make sure that you are not just warm this winter, but also safe! And to keep you warm and safe it’s important that we remind you of some yearly upkeep around the house as we head into winter.

Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about your furnace or boiler, and also the threat of carbon monoxide leaks.

The first thing to do each year when planning your fall furnace maintenance is to call us and book your service appointment.

Aside from that, you should also check the furnace filter and change it if needed, ideally before starting up the furnace for the first time. Check your filter once a month throughout the winter for optimum efficiency and the health of your family.

We will check everything else to ensure you don’t find yourself unexpectedly without heat this winter and that you are safe from undetectable levels of carbon monoxide.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Now is also the time to check that carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order. Use the test button on the detector to make sure it’s functioning, and ensure that there are working batteries in the device.

Unfortunately, carbon monoxide detectors don’t catch everything, so it’s smart to pay attention to any symptoms you or your family may experience during the winter months: headaches that go away when you leave the house, or feeling generally run down for no discernible reason are signs that you might have higher-than-safe carbon monoxide levels in your home. Carbon monoxide detectors generally sound an alarm once levels reach 70 ppm, the level at which this colourless, odourless gas can cause severe or fatal health complications. But it can make you sick at much lower levels.

In the past, one of our customers, a stay-at-home dad, had been suffering with a runny nose and headaches for months when he called us to have a look at his furnace. One of our technicians paid him a visit and as they waited to get a reading on their (more sensitive) carbon monoxide detector, the technician developed a pounding headache (this was within just a few minutes). He checked the detector and found that the carbon monoxide level in the home was 50 ppm — too low for a home detector to alert the homeowner, but high enough that this dad had been feeling under the weather for months.

This is exactly what your yearly furnace maintenance is good for — we check for cracks, leaks, and damaged and dirty parts to keep you healthy and save you money on heating bills!

Recent Furnace Installation Review

We purchased and got installed a brand-new High Efficiency Furnace from Instant Plumbing. The installation team was very professional, courteous and helpful. The installation looks great and was done very well with our existing A/C. The furnace itself works and looks great. Would highly recommend!!

Richard Hannah

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