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We are Calgary’s Furnace Experts, and we have fabulous online reviews for our Furnace services. We are BBB A+ Rated.

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Furnace Repair Services in Calgary, Aberta

Why choose our Furnace Repair Calgary service?

  • If a visit is required, we can often be at your home within an hour.
  • We take care of permit and inspection requirements with all our installations.
  • We’ll fix any issues, without charge, during the warranty period.
  • Our service vans are well equipped with parts, to handle quick repairs and refurbishing

In the winter you depend on your furnace to provide enough heat to keep the chill from your home.

A broken or poorly running furnace system can mean less heat and higher energy bills the longer it stays broken.

Our Furnace Calgary repair services are the first step to getting answers about your broken furnace. Strange noises or a lack of heat in the home may be attributable to many different problems.

Unfortunately, the furnace in your home cannot last forever without an issue.

Over time the components of your furnace may weaken or break.

A furnace repair company like Instant Plumbing & Heating can come and assess your furnace to find the exact problem.

If possible, we can provide the best repair for your system. We can also replace different parts to get your furnace kicking out heat efficiently.

Furnace Repair Calgary Consultation

For evening, weekend or holiday service, please call (403) 338-1172.

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Quality Furnace Repair Calgary

If you have been looking for a reliable company for furnace repair in Calgary, consider our experienced professionals.

We are confident in our ability to figure out what is wrong with your furnace and provide options for the next steps. We understand that purchasing a new furnace is a significant investment. We will check your furnace system thoroughly to determine if it is viable for repair.

After repairing your furnace, the technician in most cases will also give you some tips to maintain your system in the future.

Proper maintenance is the backbone of a working furnace that does not need frequent repairs. Remember to keep your air filter clean and watch out for signs of future troubles so that you can call our Calgary furnace repair services immediately.

Common Furnace Issues

Furnace Issues in Winter?

During the winter months, we receive a high number of “no heat” emergency calls. It’s hard enough dealing with the cold every morning on your way to work. You shouldn’t have to wake up to a winter wonderland in your bedroom! Luckily, we offer 24/7 emergency services and can be at your house, in most cases, within an hour using our furnace repair Calgary service.

But if you’re travelling this winter, a broken furnace can cause even more damage. As the temperature continues to lower within your home, your pipes can freeze and burst. Not only will the piping need to be replaced, you’ll be facing significant flooding damage.

While we service and install a variety of furnace brands, we sell Bryant, York and Carrier furnaces. Why? Because they’re extremely quiet, highly efficient (up to 98%), and have a 10-year warranty on parts, a lifetime warranty on heat exchangers, and optional extended warranties. There are also a number of add-ons available, such as Hepa filtration and humidifiers. Your home comfort is important to us.

Our Furnace Repair Calgary service can help you.

Calgary Furnace Experts

Our team has been providing Furnace repair calgary services for many years. We have seen various issues at homes in Calgary and have the skills to deal with your repair. 

Come to us to repair malfunctioning thermostats, ignition failure, blocked ducts, air leaks and more. Be aware of your furnace so that you know when something might be wrong. 

A furnace in need of repair may give you warning signs, such as strange noises, soot or rising heating bills.

It is better the sooner you realize that you need to call us for furnace repair in Calgary. 

You and your family will be able to get your heat back to normal and go back to your routine.

 Going without a working heater in the winter months in Calgary can be dangerous for you and everyone in your home.

Furnace Repair Calgary FAQ

If your furnace seems to be unresponsive, you’re probably wondering if it has shut down completely. This could either be a simple case of a furnace repair cost which should only take a few minutes to fix or something more serious that requires the attention of a professional furnace technician.

First thing: before trying anything else, check the thermostat and ensure that it’s set to ‘heat’. A faulty thermostat can cause problems with your furnace turning on.

If this isn’t the problem there are still some things you can try. Check the different control switches for any delay in response after pushing them – every switch should activate immediately when pushed, so get out a stopwatch and test them all. Also, make sure that they are in the ‘heat’ position and not the ‘power furnace off’ position. You can put them back to the proper position once you’ve finished checking for furnace repair problems . If nothing else has worked after testing these possibilities, it may be time for furnace repair service or furnace replacement.

It’s a horrible feeling when your furnace won’t turn off – it keeps heating up and up and up until it finally shuts down because of overheating! This is a very common furnace problem which can be caused by any number of things from a faulty furnace control switch to an error with the power source itself (such as tripped breakers).

Maybe furnace repair service is all that you need. Test the furnace control switches; if they do not shut off your furnace you’ll have to call furnace repair technicians. But first, check for furnace replacement parts such as circuit boards and furnace wiring connections that may be interfering with performance .

There’s also furnace failure where the power source causes the furnace to keep running even after it has reached a desired temperature. This can happen when furnace safety sensors are faulty or tripped, which could cause major issues (like overheating). Furnace replacement usually solves this problem, but sometimes there’s an error in the power supply itself so you might have to get both of those replaced .

Most gas furnaces use an electrical ignition system to ignite the furnace pilot light. There are several different furnace control switches used in these cases: one will shut down burner operation while another shuts down power flow from your home’s furnace line to your furnace heating system. If either of these furnace repair calgary furnace switches are faulty, it’s likely that your furnace will shut down after attempting to ignite. You’ll need furnace replacement parts in this case .

You can also have furnace failure if there’s an error with the furnace power source or the furnace is just not getting gas. Other problems include a furnace pilot outage – where the pilot light burns out – or furnace pilot vent blockage which keeps your pilot from lighting up. Furnace replacement usually solves this problem but sometimes you might need both components replaced .

Remember to check any furnace safety sensors before replacing any part of your furnace. These should reset themselves once they’re back in working order but sometimes installation of new furnace parts doesn’t always fix the problem so call a professional furnace repair calgary service for furnace replacement.

urnace smells can be caused by an overloaded furnace filter or a furnace blower that isn’t working; in this case the smell could be caused by high levels of carbon monoxide which is a common problem with older furnaces . Replacing or repairing furnace parts should solve this problem but if it doesn’t, it’s time to get new furnace installation or call for professional services .

Another common cause of weird smells is an overheated circuit board in the furnace control system. If your gas furnace pilot light isn’t lighting up and there’s also a furnace control switch that won’t shut off furnace operation, you’ll need furnace replacement service. This is because there’s likely an overheated furnace controller or furnace wiring connection that will need furnace replacement when it cools down .

Furnace weird smells can also be caused by furnace pilot outage – where the pilot light burns out – or furnace pilot vent blockage which keeps your pilot from lighting up. The smell might be coming from high carbon monoxide levels caused by an overloaded furnace filter or furnace blower too.

Furnace Repair Calgary Reviews


Paul C.

My furnace stopped working a couple weeks ago, so I called to get it repaired.

Greg was able to come by, diagnose the problem, go get parts, and replace the burned out motor all within a few hours. Which is much appreciated in the middle of winter!


Evan A.

Highly recommended.

My furnace was acting up on the weekend, I called Instant Plumbing who promptly sent out service technician, Brian.
Brian was very polite on the phone, and when he arrived got right to work.

It was a very short time before he had found the problem.

He was able to locate replacement parts for my high efficiency furnace, and within no time my heat was back on.

I am very grateful for their quick response, knowledgeable staff and excellent service.
Thanks Instant Plumbing & Heating!


Pat M.

Jeff was extremely respectful and courteous on the phone.

He was able to book me in quickly and flexible with the time. He inspected my old furnace an assured us that it will be in good shape for years to come.

I had purchased a humidifier a year ago with the intention of installing it myself and he noticed it sitting by the furnace. He offered to install it which he did with better componentry provided with the humidifier.

He did it quickly and integrated it with my best thermostat. We will definitely use instant plumbing and would highly recommend Jeff.