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Calgary Furnace Services

Our furnace repair technicians can fix all makes and models of furnaces.

Calgary Furnace Services are available for your 24/7 emergency convenience. Call us today!

Your Local Furnace Experts in Calgary

When winter comes, there’s nothing more important than looking after your furnace.

Furnace Calgary professionals will keep your heating system running to help you stay warm and cozy all through the coldest months of the year.

Our technicians will take care of Furnace replacement , Furnace repairs & Furnace maintenance.

When you invite Instant Plumbing for a furnace consultation,  we’ll discuss the best options for your unique home. We will ensure that you are happy with your Furnace installation.

There aren’t any easy do-overs with a purchase like this! We recommend and install Daikin Heating systems, and we’ll help you select the model best suited to your home

Installation, Maintenance and Repairs for Furnaces in Calgary and the surrounding areas, Including: 

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Finance your Calgary Furnace installation

We have partnered with FinanceIT to help our customers spread the costs of their furnace installation.

Calgary Residential Furnace Services

When you call us for a possible furnace replacement, first we’ll pay you a visit to evaluate your current furnace and see if replacement is the best option for you.

We primarily sell Daikin Home Comfort units, and we are Daikin Certifie.

This means we can offer the best prices on Daikin systems, and are specialists in servicing them properly too.

There’s not much you need to do before you call, but you may want to do a little research at the website, have a look at what’s available, and consider what features you would like. In particular, give some thought to whether you’re going to want air conditioning in the future.

There is a component we can add during furnace installation that will make adding air conditioning simpler and cheaper– an evaporative coil assembly (commonly called an A-coil or N-coil, depending on the shape). Including one of these coils will add an additional cost to the furnace installation, but when the time comes to add air conditioning, you’ll avoid the greater labour cost of having to re-do any tinwork.

Why Choose Instant?

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Get some advice on your Furnace

Ever get that sinking feeling that your Furnace Calgary may not be working as well as it used to?

You might notice a drop in the temperature of your home and you might even have to jump up out of bed at night and adjust the thermostat.

If this sounds familiar, maybe it’s time for Furnace Calgary maintenance or Furnace Calgary repair.

HVAC service providers are able to detect problems with Furnaces through regular inspections and sometimes Furnace repairs can be more complex requiring Furnace replacement.

Furnace repairs also depend on whether or not they are emergency Furnace repairs or scheduled Furnace repairs. Emergency Furnace repairs are usually required when there is Furnace malfunctions or Furnace breakdowns.

Calgary Furnace Consultation

For evening, weekend or holiday service, please call (403) 338-1172.

Furnace Calgary FAQ

This is a difficult question as our Furnaces comes in all shapes and sizes and with different advantages.

We put a lot of time into forming a quote based on quality equipment and expert installation, but potential customers sometimes wonder why Instant Plumbing’s quote may be more expensive than some of the competition for the same job. There’s a reason for that difference in price.

Your choice of furnace needs to be well-informed. Choosing the wrong unit won’t just cost you money over its lifetime, but could affect your comfort, quiet and safety. There aren’t any easy do-overs with a purchase like this! We recommend and install Daikin heating systems, and we’ll help you select the model best suited to your home. Chances are there are choices available now that didn’t exist when your original unit was installed, such as variable speed airflow and much more efficient two-stage or step modulating burners.

We urge you to beware of bargains where your furnace is concerned. We’re talking about a crucial investment in your home. Don’t forget you’re actually buying two things: the unit, and an expert installation. The very best furnace poorly installed cannot deliver what it should, and a low-ball fixed price won’t be taking into account any complexities that could arise with your particular installation.

Over the phone, we can provide an initial cost range, based on the information you provide. Before a plumber is even dispatched, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. We can also walk you through any emergency measures, while you’re waiting for your plumber to arrive, to lessen any damage.

Here in Calgary, the furnace is the single largest consumer of energy in the home, so naturally you’ll want the highest efficiency available to you. Achievement of your furnace’s touted efficiency rating requires expert installation and calibration to fit your home’s requirements. This means attention to many details and interconnecting systems: heating capacity, duct work, gas piping, venting, provision for combustion air, flue gas condensate disposal, electrical requirements, air filtering, humidification, and more. For instance, sizing matters a lot; a mismatch with the size of the duct distribution system can result in excessive static pressure causing high fan power usage, in turn causing a drop in overall efficiency.

It’s not enough to just pop a furnace in and turn it on (“Got heat? OK, see ya!”). We’ll employ specialized combustion analyzing equipment to ensure that the installed unit performs with the highest efficiency it can deliver.

Over the phone, we can provide an initial cost range, based on the information you provide. Before a plumber is even dispatched, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. We can also walk you through any emergency measures, while you’re waiting for your plumber to arrive, to lessen any damage.

Furnace Calgary Reviews

When you invite a Calgary Furnace Expert into your home, you want peace of mind that they are certified, qualified and that they will get the job done right.

Having served Calgary for over 45 years, we have built a solid reputation over many decades. We are BBB A+ rated and offer a satisfaction guarantee service.


Paul C.

My furnace stopped working a couple of weeks ago, so I called to get it repaired.

Greg was able to come by, diagnose the problem, go get parts, and replace the burned out motor all within a few hours. Which is much appreciated in the middle of winter!



Jeff and the crew were amazing, very thorough, polite and really took the time to discuss all the features.

The new furnace install was far superior to the old one. The new Fit system components really work well together.

Thanks Jeff for your attention to detail and fitting us into your busy schedule, I also sleep a lot better knowing my 22 year old hot water tank is no longer a threat to leaking 🙂


Miss T.

Called Instant plumbing to repair a leak coming from my furnace. Greg from Instant came in inspected the leak and offered me a few options on how to best repair the leak and what was needed to prevent future leaks.

I was also very happy that he presented a solution that would allow the existing pipes which ran across my floor to be removed and rerouted off the floor and I now have a clear floor.

Throughout the process, Greg was polite, friendly and very professional and respectful of the home and my time. I would recommend Instant plumbing and would use their services again.


Darcy D.

Instant Plumbing had a quick response to my problem and arrived for their appointment on time.

Greg and his apprentice Kurt were both pleasant and knowledgeable, and did what was quoted and went above and beyond to make everything look great in the installation of a new garage furnace. Great Job & Thank-You!


K Greenfield.

Jason Mounsey and his team helped us to install two new high-efficiency furnaces and a new hot water tank when we discovered that our old mid efficiency furnaces were failing and also one our hot water tanks had burst.

 The furnace/hot water space was very tight, new venting was needed for the new furnaces and hot water tank and our existing gas and water lines needed updating. Jason was extremely helpful in identifying our issues, and he provided us with solid and practical advice.

Jason and his team worked tirelessly for a number of days to install our new system, and they were extremely pleasant and easy to work with. Thank you! I would highly recommend Jason and Instant Plumbing.