Free-Standing Bathtubs

Have you seen the cool stuff they’ve got for your bathroom now? Some of the latest innovations for the bathroom take the spa approach up a notch – a beautiful, streamlined and elegant notch. If you are thinking of doing a bathroom renovation then take a look at these!

Quebec-made BainUltra Bathtubs

Free-standing tubs

You’ve seen these. Whether beautifully egg-shaped or elegantly edged, these pieces of bathroom sculpture are taking centre stage. Free-standing tubs are a great way to up the sophistication factor in your bathroom. Like you, we’ve become huge fans of this particular trend and don’t see any signs of it slowing down. Homeowners love them, home buyers love them. It’s a win-win!

. . . But there are a couple of things to consider before you rip out your old tub-and-surround in favour of the latest free-standing tub.

Size. As beautiful as they are, free-standing tubs tend to be bigger than the older formats. This has implications for doorways, hallways and – especially – staircases. You may find a tub you love but unless you like bathing in the driveway, measure, measure and measure some more.
Weight. As an analogy, once upon a time a bunch of engineers designed a beautiful library. It was built according to spec and everyone oohed an ahhed. Almost immediately however, cracks began to show up in the foundation and the engineers realized something – they’d forgotten to take the weight of all those books into account. Your new tub may fall prey to the same oversight. Consider the construction of your bathroom floor and don’t forget to factor in the water and bodies your new, bigger tub will be holding.
Shower? If the old set up had a tub-and-shower combo, pulling all that out and putting in a glamorous free-standing tub will mean you’ve lost your shower. For many homebuyers, that’s a problem. Consider the total function of your bathroom carefully before you break out the wrecking ball.   That said,  with a tub filler, you can sit in the tub and wash your hair without much difficulty….

Tub fillers

Grohe atrio-bath-mixer
Grohe makes several varieties of floor-mounted faucets for freestanding bathtubs

Like the “pot fillers” we spoke about in last month’s post, floor-mounted tub fillers (like a fancy faucet that extends to reach your tub) work particularly well with the free-standing tub. They harken back to an earlier time with echoes of Victoriana in the curvaceous chrome but can also do sleek and sophisticated very well, depending on the model you choose. We carry an extensive range of options from Grohe among others and we’ll recommend something that’s just right for you (some also have shower arms for washing your hair more easily.) Get in touch and we’ll walk you through your options, and the ins and outs of installation.

Your bathroom can be anything you want it to be. Budgets, construction considerations and fixture choice are all important parts of the conversation. With the experience and product lines we carry here at Instant Plumbing, we’re confident we can deliver exactly what you need. Get in touch with us today!

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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