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With our base situated in Calgary, Alberta; Instant Plumbing & Heating offers exceptional quality faucet repair services to residential customers.

Offering services in the plumbing industry for over 50 years now means that we have amassed an impressive amount of skills necessary for tackling any problem that may occur with faucets, such as leaks or dripping faucets as well as those caused by low water pressure and clogs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means we offer prompt and reliable solutions for our clients all delivered at competitive prices.

Having a functioning faucet is important

A healthy living or work environment requires functional faucets that provide clean water for essential daily activities such as cooking, washing, and drinking.

By neglecting faulty faucets’ need for repairs, one exposes themselves and their surroundings to potential consequences such as:

– Water wastage: Leaky taps over time result in significant water losses; this adds up financially while also putting undue pressure on natural resources. – Property damage: Leaks from malfunctioning taps may harm nearby walls, floors, fixtures; this leads to high costs when fixing them.

– Mold & mildew growth: Continuous moisture buildup from leaking taps creates an ideal breeding ground for harmful mold & mildew; this poses health risks.

– Damage to plumbing systems: Neglecting broken taps causes further damages which may warrant extensive repairs or replacement of other plumbing components.

Promptly fixing faucet issues is crucial both in avoiding further complications and maintaining efficient plumbing systems.

Common Faucet Issues

Here are some common hints that your faucet requires repairs.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets aren’t just annoying but they waste precious resources too; hence addressing them on priority becomes essential as inactive action could lead higher utility bills.

Such leakages may occur due to damaged washers, O-rings, or gaskets that need prompt replacement.

Additionally, faulty valve seats are also contributing factors to water leaks.

Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets can also cause unnecessary wastage of water and disrupt our peace with incessant dripping sounds.

Fortunately, replacing damaged washers, O-rings or gaskets can usually save the day for most dripping faucet issues.

Low-Pressure Faucets

Low water pressure in faucets is a common issue exacerbated by mineral buildup obstructing smooth water flow that warrants a clogged aerator.

Often times when encountering issues with ones faucet there are several possible causes at play; one possible contributing factor is damage or blockage within the supply line itself while other issues might arise from problems within your homes overall plumbing system.


Another potential culprit is a build up of sediment often found in minerals deposits; debris which may accumulate within your pipes or even worn out components within your fixtures themselves – these factors all contribute towards creating stubborn clogs which make it difficult for your water supply to flow unencumbered.

Noisey Faucets

Another thing to look out for is loud noises emanating from ones fixture be it screeching, hissing or some other sound.

These could be symptomatic of damaged or loose parts within the faucet itself; sediment build up within the unit or problems with how water pressure is being managed and distributed.

Corroded Parts

It is also worth pointing out that one potential issue relating to fixture degradation pertains to corrosive damage caused by exposure to hard water over time and harsh chemical cleaners used for maintenance.

Over time, these elements can gradually wear away at key components within your fixtures until they are no longer functioning effectively – a problem that can require costly repairs to rectify.

Faucets offer easy access to clean water; however, they can experience problems compromising their function over time.

Corroded components are often linked with reduced water pressure and leaks. In such instances replacing damaged areas is recommended for optimal unit performance restoration.

Moisture and metal don’t go well together. Unfortunately, our homes often contain metal fixtures, appliances and other components, If you have a leaky faucet, it can create a moist environment with water coming in contact with metal. For this reason, your metal fixtures can have a build-up of rust over time.

The worst thing that can happen is that the rust gets to the point of bursting a pipe, leading to major water damage and costly repairs.

Loose Handles

Worn-out washers or loose screws within the faucet mechanism tend to cause wobbling during use from frequent turning of the handle leading over time causing damage hence requiring replacement for proper handling ability.

Faulty Cartridge

The use of cartridges is common practice in modern faucets as opposed valves.

Although ideal reliability offered by this technology improves efficiency considerably, wear and tear from frequent use leads to faulty units causing reduced water pressure and leaks, requiring cartridge replacement for improved performance.

Mold Growth

Molds grow and thrive in a moist environment. If you have a leaky faucet, it’s easy for molds to live and multiply in the nooks and crannies of your home. The chances are that you will soon notice some dark patches, sniff a musty smell, or see staining around your leaky faucet.

Not only is mold infestation unsightly, but it can also be detrimental to the health of the whole household. It can cause skin irritation and respiratory problems. If you have a leaky faucet, it’s best to contact a plumber as soon as possible.

Water Waste

Many homeowners strive to conserve energy, water, and waste to save on their water bills. Having a leaky faucet is a household problem that can lead to a huge amount of water getting wasted every day. A fixture with 4,000 drips of water a day can waste a full litre of water in just a single day. This is a lot of water wasted, and you are paying for it!

Final Thoughts

Keeping every part and component of your house maintained adequately is vital to the overall aesthetic and functionality of your home. Plumbing issues can occur easily, and a leaky faucet, for one, shouldn’t be neglected.

As mentioned above, a leaky faucet can lead to mold growth, metal rust, wood rot, and water waste. As soon as you see a leaky faucet, it makes perfect sense to contact a plumber immediately.

Instant Plumbing and Heating is a highly-rated Calgary team of plumbers, heating, and cooling experts. If you have problems with your leaky faucet, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Our team of licensed and certified plumbers is well-versed in identifying and remedying common problems, including leaks, drips, low water pressure or clogs.

George Pinel
George Pinel

Master Plumber

I have been involved in this family owned business for 33 years now.

It has always been and will continue to be the core focus of Instant Plumbing & Heating to provide a long lasting relationship with our customers based on trust and integrity of our service and products.

This achieved by using the best quality materials. I as a business owner continue to mentor and treat my staff with the highest regard and respect, this interns helps them deliver to the client great quality workmanship and service.

It is our professional goal to leave a situation better than when we arrived both in how we do our work and in how you feel for having chosen us to do your work, we are in the anxiety reduction business using plumbing and heating service work to do it.

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