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Energy-Efficiency Rebates For Alberta Homeowners


Energy Efficiency Alberta has launched a rebate program for Alberta homeowners who upgrade their homes with eligible installations of new insulation, triple-glazed windows or tankless water heating systems.

Get That Carbon Tax Money Back!
Make no mistake, the revenue collected via the carbon tax is your money! You can get some of it back by taking advantage of this incentive program, intended to raise domestic energy efficiency while stimulating the local economy. Upgrading your home insulation can qualify you for a rebate up to $3500, upgrading windows up to $1500, and installing a tankless water heater could get you up to $1000 back.

Contractor Requirements
In order to qualify for the rebate, the work must be performed by an approved Alberta contractor listed on the Energy Efficiency Alberta website. The program launched on April 28, 2017.

Listed contractors will be registered in the province, have a minimum of three years of experience, and have Worker’s Compensation coverage for their employees. They will also be instructed on how to explain the rebate program to you and help with the necessary paperwork.

Tankless Water Heaters
Although the initial equipment cost is higher than a conventional water heater, a tankless ‘on-demand’ system eliminates the cost of keeping up to fifty gallons of water constantly hot in a storage tank.

Conventional water heating accounts for about a fifth of the typical home energy budget, while a tankless system can reduce that portion by 20%; this translates to a 4% saving on total household energy consumption. That might not seem like very much, but it does add up, and it becomes a whole lot more attractive with the rebate bringing the equipment cost down closer to the price point of conventional heaters. An added benefit: a tankless system can last about ten years longer than an ordinary hot water heater; which certainly offers significant savings in the long-term.

Get An Estimate
If you have a conventional water heater with a standing pilot light, the Energy Efficiency Alberta site states your minimum rebate at $944.76 when you replace it with an on-demand heater.

Navien NPE-210A

We recommend and install Navien water heaters. Equipment and installation costs will vary depending on your home’s requirements. Book a free consultation and we will be able to give you specific details relevant to your installation, including the exact rebate you qualify for.





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George Pinel

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  1. I just replaced my navien tankless hot water system without knowing about this program. Is there anyway to get the rebate after the fact?


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