drain cleaning calgary

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We provide the following Drain Services:

  • Video drain and inspection
  • Drain cleaning – with an auger or a stream of high-pressure water
  • Water main replacement
  • Main line backwater valve installation
  • Backflow prevention

With the help of a special high resolution camera and location transmitter, we can find the source of your blockage problem – saving time and avoiding the mess of multiple dig points. Better still, we can give you a copy of the footage on a memory stick, for your records.

drain services calgary

Drain Cleaning Calgary

You might be tempted to turn to a chemical drain cleaner, but we recommend that you resist the urge. Due to their corrosive nature, these products will damage your drain and pipes when used over time. For instance, the chemicals can cause cast iron or galvanized steel pipes to crack, and ABS or PVC pipes to become brittle.

To keep your drains nice and clear, we suggest using a liquid enzyme product like Bio-One. It’s a non-corrosive product that will naturally eat through blockages. Instant Plumbing also offers professional cleaning. With the help of our video inspection, cleaning drains and sewers is a straightforward procedure. We’ll use an auger, or a stream of high pressure water, to remove any troubling debris.

Drain and Sewer Video Inspection

Video inspections are also a good idea if you’re thinking of selling your home or if you’re planning renovations. A clean bill of health for your drains will be welcome information for prospective home buyers.

sewer replacement calgary

We also offer Sewer Services

We offer comprehensive Sewer Services such as sewer replacement and excavations, video inspections and repairs.

Contact us for Calgary Drain Services

We are happy to assist you and have our Calgary Drain specialists available on the phone 24/7. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we offer a great service.

Request an appointment, or send your question/comment:

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