Deep Freeze

Winter Plumbing & Heating Preparation

Has your furnace quit? And if not, might it be on the verge? After all, temperatures are dipping to -20 or so, or -38 degrees with the windchill in Calgary.

We have been getting a ton of emergency calls from people whose furnaces are quitting. This can be quite a disaster — when the temperatures get this cold, and your furnace stops running long enough for your house temperature to dip below zero, your water pipes can also freeze and burst – causing flooding all over your basement!

If this happens, you’ll need a whole new furnace, to the tune of $4000 – $10000…plus whatever costs you’ve incurred with damages to your basement.

What can you do to prevent it?

GET YOUR FURNACE SERVICED every year. It costs only $160 a visit, and we can test your furnace and tell you if you need to make a minor parts replacement.

It can save you a world of cold, financial pain!