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Pretty much everyone carries a smartphone these days, and most people also have broadband Internet access in their homes. Combining these two things with wireless networking technology makes for some exciting possibilities.

Côr Home Automation is an associate brand of Carrier/Bryant. With their system you can run your entire house from an app on your Apple or Android smartphone/tablet, including heat, lights, cameras, alarms, water detection, the works– it’s all integrated. It begins with the Côr Hub and the freely downloadable Mobile App, and the system can be customized and expanded over time; more components are currently under development.



Internet-enabled smart thermostats have been around for a while now, but the Côr family of thermostats go beyond being programmable. Their “Energy Savings Intelligence” can learn your consumption pattern and teach you ways of managing comfort and optimizing energy savings, showing how to drive down what you’re spending to heat or cool your home.


Lifestyle & Convenience

With Côr’s Z-Wave line of Wi-Fi-connected dimmer switches, wall outlets, and appliance modules, just about any electrical device in your home can be set up for remote operation. Your door locks can be integrated into the system too, and access can be as simple as a button on a key fob.

Sensors for water and freeze detection can send you real-time notification when you’re away, and there’s even an emergency water shut-off device that can be remotely engaged if some kind of plumbing failure occurs.

More important, if you’re stuck at work while family members are at home, you can enjoy the fun of turning lights and appliances on or off just to mess with them!



Côr Home Automation allows you to be your own security company, and you won’t need to pay for monitoring. All the information about who’s coming and going is sent straight to your smartphone.

Your security system can be as granular and detailed as you want to make it, with sensors for all types of doors, windows and garage doors. There’s a sensor that listens for the sound of glass breaking, along with an array of indoor and outdoor motion sensors and cameras.


Life Safety

This system can also integrate smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, and a personal “panic button” device that’s especially helpful for elderly or disabled persons living alone.


Clearly, the possibilities are extensive. The cost of these systems will naturally depend on the size of the home and the extent of automation desired. The largest, most complex systems we’ve installed have run up to around $6000, but you can get started with a budget of $1500. The key is tailoring the system to your particular needs, and we can determine what those are with a free consultation.

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George Pinel
George Pinel

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