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CO Testing and Combustion Analysis

Why is Carbon Monoxide Testing and Combustion Analysis Important?

  • Fuel burning appliances are a source of Carbon Monoxide. If installed incorrectly, it can lead to dangerous levels of CO in your home.
  • Heating and plumbing professionals, who are trained in combustion safety and efficiency analysis, know the perfect settings for your equipment to extend its life and reduce fuel consumption.
  • If your CO detectors are high-level units, or are located to close to the ground, they might not detect lower traces of CO in your home.

Safety is our highest priority

Household appliances can use gas, oil, coal or wood as fuel. When fuel doesn’t burn completely, carbon monoxide is produced. If carbon monoxide is left to accumulate, because of an incorrect installation or poor ventilation, it becomes a major safety risk.

At Instant Plumbing, we have staff trained in CO testing and combustion analysis. Every fuel burning unit that we install undergoes CO testing. We don’t rely on factory settings, because your home has unique needs. Instead, we fine tune the settings of your appliance for safety and efficiency, so you don’t miss out on energy savings.

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