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Getting Rid of Hard Water Deposits

Like we’ve said before, by global standards Calgary has a spectacular water supply– clean, safe and plentiful. The high mineral content, however, is problematic for


Beware The Unlicensed Contractor!

We face a lot of competition from unlicensed contractors (via Kijiji and social media) who charge low rates. In this tough economy, if a large

Think Before You Flush!

Too many of us treat the toilet like a garbage can, when our sewage systems are designed strictly for water-soluble waste. Here’s a quick rundown of some things you should never put down a toilet or drain.


Stuck in Cold Water

Have you been wondering if your water heater is almost ready to give out? If you have had your water heater for 8-10 years, you would be wise to plan to replace it sooner rather than later — likely in the coming year or two. But did you know that when temperatures are especially cold — as they have been in Calgary this month — your water heater is more likely than other times to quit for good?

Time To Turn the Hose Bibs On!

Once you’re sure cold weather has passed and it’s going to be consistently above freezing, you can go ahead and get that outside tap ready to go for spring.