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Can a Clogged Drain Cause Low Water Pressure?

Clogged sink causing low water pressure

Have you noticed the water pressure in your home slowing to a trickle? Do showers and faucets take forever to fill up? Low water pressure can hugely disrupt our daily routines and negatively impact the performance of plumbing fixtures.

As Calgary Plumbers for over 50 years, we’ve seen our fair share of clogged drains and low water pressure!

Can a Clogged Drain Cause Low Water Pressure?

In short, clogged drains can cause low pressure in your residential home. This article covers the impact of clogged drains on water pressure and how to fix It.

While several potential causes exist, one common and overlooked culprit is clogged drains. Blocked drain pipes can decrease water pressure throughout your plumbing system.

This article will explore the connection between clogged drains and low water pressure. We’ll also provide solutions for clearing blockages and restoring proper water flow.

How Clogged Drains Reduce Water Pressure

Drain clogs might seem unrelated to water pressure issues. However, they can significantly impede the water supply in several ways:

The buildup of Debris and Sediment

Over time, substances like hair, soap scum, minerals, and grease accumulate in drain pipes. This debris slowly constricts the diameter of the pipes. Narrower pipes severely limit the amount of water that can flow through.

Picture a garden hose with dirt caked on the opening. The water flow weakens due to the smaller space it has to pass through. Clogged drain pipes have the same effect, restricting water flow to fixtures.

A picture of a grease build up in a clogged pipe
Imagine how disruptive this would be to water flow within your pipes.

System-Wide Flow Restriction

Clogs don’t merely affect the specific drain that’s blocked. They can decrease water pressure throughout your entire plumbing system.

For example, a clog in the kitchen sink drain can reduce water pressure in the bathroom shower. All drains and supply lines are interconnected. Blockages put increased strain on the entire system.

Potential Pipe Damage

The accumulation of debris increases pressure in the plumbing pipes before the clog. This added stress can damage pipes and fittings. Older or weakened pipes are especially prone to breaking under excessive pressure from drain obstructions.

Additional Causes of Low Water Pressure

While clogged drains are a significant culprit, there are other common factors behind decreased water pressure:

  • Corroded or aging pipes with accumulated mineral deposits and rust
  • Small leaks that deplete the overall water supply
  • Malfunctioning water pressure regulators
  • Temporary municipal water supply issues
  • Partially closed shut-off valves
  • High demand during peak use times

Unclogging Drains to Improve Water Pressure

Fixing drain clogs is crucial for restoring proper home water pressure. Here are some of the most effective solutions:


Vigorously plunging a sink, shower, or toilet drain can dislodge minor clogs. Be sure to get a tight seal around the plunger before plunging. Repeat until the blockage clears.

Boiling Water

Pouring boiling water down the drain can melt grease clogs. Allow some time for the hot water to work before flushing the drain.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This classic DIY drain cleaner combines the chemical reaction of baking soda and vinegar to break up organic debris. Flush with hot water after fizzing subsides.

Manual Removal

For accessible clogs, use a small snake or bent wire to manually hook and pull out debris. Be careful not to scratch pipes.

Enzyme Drain Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners break down organic buildup like hair and food waste. They come in liquid and powder forms. Follow product instructions.


This professional method uses highly pressurized water to scour and dislodge stubborn drain obstructions. It’s extremely effective but requires commercial grade equipment.

Drain Camera Inspections

Plumbers use tiny cameras on flexible cables to locate elusive clogs hidden deep in plumbing systems. This enables precision targeting of blockages.

Seeking Professional Drain Cleaning Services

While DIY techniques can clear minor clogs, severe or recurring blockages often require professional drain cleaning:

  • Access to specialized tools like hydrojets, drain cameras, and industrial strength augers.
  • Ability to thoroughly clean long drain lines and sewer connections.
  • Skill to remove completely stubborn clogs that resist DIY methods.
  • Diagnose issues like pipe damage or alignment problems.

By partnering with professional plumbers, you can ensure clogs are fully cleared the first time. This prevents ongoing problems with low water pressure due to recurring drain blockages.

We Have the Solutions for Boosting Water Pressure

Here at Instant Plumbing & Heating, we understand the headache low water pressure can cause. Our team excels at identifying and fixing any factor reducing your home’s water flow.

We possess state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment to clear even the most challenging clogs. Our camera inspections accurately locate hidden obstructions. Hydrojetting is our ultimate solution for restoring full pressure by scouring drains completely clean.

Don’t tolerate frustratingly weak water flow any longer. Our water pressure restoration services will get your plumbing running at full strength again. Contact our experts today to schedule an appointment!

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