What to Do Before Calling A Plumber

When you have to call in your neighbourhood plumber for help, there are a few things you can do to help us, help you.

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Need a Plumber in Calgary?So. Despite your best efforts, something went sideways and you’ve had to call in your neighbourhood plumber for help.

The good news is – don’t worry!! We’ve got it under control.

But there are a few things you can do to help us, help you.


First, please please please be ready to answer questions. The more info you can give us when you make the initial call, the better prepared we’ll be for what’s ahead. After all, “there’s a leak” could mean, “there’s a steady drip under my faucet” to “there’s a geyser coming up out of my toilet that makes Old Faithful look like a drinking fountain!”  The more you can tell us about when it started, where the problem is exactly and how much water/equipment is involved, the better. Feel free to write things down – what you hear/smell/see etc. Take pictures if you can and have them on hand for the tech when he gets there. A little extra time spent on your end will save you money in the long run when our plumbers can cut the time they spend diagnosing the problem. Win-win!


Second, it’s no good telling us all about the problem if we have to waste precious time physically getting to it. Make sure that the space under the sink, under the stairs or in the bathroom – wherever the issue is – is clear and easily accessible. Sometimes we’re coming with stuff – there’s always stuff – and we need a good, clear and safe place to work. Remove anything that could be a hazard to a guy working in a puddle of water – think electrical appliances, like your hairdryer, or chemicals. Get ‘em outta there.


Third, be a friend and clear walks and driveways. No one wants to see anyone slip and fall on an icy step or sidewalk. Especially not someone carrying a heavy tool box. In the winter wonderland that is Calgary, take the time to clear snow and throw some de-icer around. For installations and removals, it makes a world of difference.

Following these simple steps may mean a difference to your pocketbook. It definitely will make a difference to us. Thank you!!!

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