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Calgary Plumber Rates

Please take a look at our Calgary Plumber Rates.

In our industry there are typically two ways to charge: by the hour or flat rate. The problem with a flat rate is that, 9 times out 10, you will be overcharged for labour and for parts.

Calgary Plumber Rates
Calgary Plumbers Rating
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What Does Plumbing Cost in Calgary?

Calgary plumber rates can vary from Plumber to Plumber.

Hiring a Calgary plumbing expert is not always expensive nor difficult, though many homeowners have trouble figuring out just what Calgary plumbers charge in their area.

This difficulty in getting pricing information makes it more important than ever before to do some research on your own.

At Instant Plumbing & Heating, we like to be upfront about costs.

Calgary Plumbing Pricing: Hourly Rate or Set Free?

Need us to bill to a set fee? Please ask us for a quotation on site, before we start the work, and we’ll be happy to oblige.

Plumbing repairs can be an unexpected expense

…Which is why Instant Plumbing also offers financing. Whether it’s a major upgrade, such as a bathroom/kitchen renovation or furnace, or just an unexpected repair job, we’re ready and able to handle the project financing for you.

Calgary Plumbing Consultation

For evening, weekend or holiday service, please call (403) 338-1172.

Plumbing Repairs

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Although plumbing is what we do, we consider ourselves to be in the stress reduction business.

Now, while we hire the very best people we can and do all in our power to ensure quality, mistakes can happen — and then what? Do we walk away and say “It’s your problem”? Absolutely not.

Our guarantee is this: If any problems arise, we will give you immediate and direct access to the owner of Instant Plumbing Ltd – George Pinel, Jr., Master Plumber. He will personally oversee that the situation is corrected, and not penalize you with any extra costs.

With 49 years in business, Instant Plumbing has relationships with clients that have lasted for 20 or 30 years. (Yes, people who knew George when he was only 12, working for his Dad!). So he’ll always take the long term view of doing what’s right to retain a good customer, even if it costs extra in the short run.

As George always says, “If something goes wrong, call and ask for me…please!  I assure you we’ll get it fixed immediately, and get that stress behind you!

Instant Plumbing strives to provide great quality service with affordable plumbing prices.