Latest Plumbing & Heating News

Scary Plumbing Mistakes

Is it that Halloween is in the air? Lately, we’ve seen some plumbing and heating atrocities that would make Red Green look like a Master Plumber!

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Video Drain Inspection

Thanks to new developments in the technology, your plumbing specialist can use video to sniff out the source of the problem with your drain line.

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Dishwasher installation

Finally getting that dream kitchen? Or has your old machine given up the ghost? Whatever the model, we can help you with installation or repairs.

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Septic Tanks in Calgary

Country dwellers are on their own when it comes to disposing of all kinds of wastes. You have a septic system to do this for you – so let’s go get acquainted.

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Water Treatment Options

Did you know that the water in Calgary is “hard”? Up to 4X harder than recommended depending on where you live. That hard water has real budget implications

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