Your Calgary Plumbers: Now Offering Sewer Excavation!

Slow Drainage? Blocked Sewer? Stop Living With It… Let’s Fix It!

If you have been having us out to clean your main sewer drainage a couple of times a year… If your sinks and tubs continue to drain slowly and you have frequent toilet backups… If you think there may be tree roots growing through your sewer pipe… It may be time to have your sewer excavated and replaced. That’s right, we are happy to announce that we now offer sewer excavation!

Drains Not Clearing the Way They Should Be?

If you’re nearing the point of needing your sewer excavated and replaced, chances are we’ve already come out to have a look a few times. We have always had the tools and capacity to come out and assess your drainage situation, and auger your sewer out to keep it moving. But if you’ve got a problem like pipe breakdown or tree root interference, eventually the time comes when you will need to have your sewage pipe completely replaced. Until now, we have had to pass our customers on to another contractor for that service. We have now partnered with Oviatt Contracting, a great company in our new building who has the equipment and expertise needed to do the excavation. We had always wanted to partner with another company to offer this service but it can be hard to find a company that you can really trust with your valued customers — and we were lucky to find that literally right next door in Oviatt!

We see this issue most often in homes built between 1940 and the 1990s, with low-quality pipe and older trees making issues more likely. If a tree root does break through your pipe, you now not only have the issue of the roots, but you also have a four tonne tree sitting on top!

Finding the Solution

It starts with our regular process of coming to your home, cleaning the sewer pipe and sending a camera down to see what’s going on. The camera has a transponder on it so that when we do find the blockage, we can tell exactly where it is. This is especially important in determining whether the excavation is your responsibility or the city’s (though if we excavate and determine that it does actually fall under the city’s jurisdiction, they will still come out and cover everything).

While we’ve got your yard dug up, we can also replace your water main if needed, and add a main line backwater valve to prevent spring flooding from ever affecting your home via your street’s water main.

And best of all, we will replace your sewer pipe with piping far above code — so that you don’t have to deal with anything like this again!

Call us today to find out how to get your sewer system working again.